Reporting Error?


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Aug 5, 2007
I had an error on my application that I had to fix a few weeks ago - thing is - the error was actually a USMA typo when they transferred my information onto their database. They fixed it without a problem. I found another error - and I cross referenced this with my counselor's paper copy and discovered that I made an error - this time .. my own mistake - the counselor thought I earned this because she knew I was working on it - but I actually did not complete the season because there was too much corruption on the team. I don't want to give USMA a big report explaining what happened - no excuses - I just don't want it showing on my file because the Karma is ripping my heart out. If I tell USMA to fix this, will I loose credibility, and may possibly loose my appointment? I'm in serious hot water as is - something happened, and I don't want to talk about it openly. Thanks. :frown:
My son had an error on his file was a misunderstanding based on semantics. We sent a quick email explaining the was no big deal. You do not need to go into great detail. You can say, "I began the season of sport X, but due to several circumstances, I unfortunately was not able to complete the season." End of not go into the nth detail; they do not want it...if they want more info, they will ask you.
You just need to do what Mom3 said. Either way the chips fall you will feel better about it. If you don't you will worry that they will find out and be a nervous wreck for the next few months. Integrity is the core of every officer. The Acad might give you credit for being up front and honest and just say thanks, we'll fix it now.
Yes, that is exactly my situation - I will do so immediatly. Will they take updates in awards and activities as well at the same time? I have joined a club that I didn't include previously - thanks.