Revoke for a D?

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    Hi all,

    I'm a current college student and have been struggling in Chem 102 all semester. I've been going to tutoring and office hours but I'm just not quite getting it with my professor. I'm sitting in the C/Low C range right now, and it's possible that I could end up with a D in the class. In my other classes it is likely going to be B's and A's, and this is a competitive university. What are the chances West Point would revoke my appointment for pulling a D? Is it automatic or do they take things into account first? If any particular actions are recommended I would appreciate the advice.

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    stop spending 2 hours on one problem - most likely your professor has the approach that every student, on their own, must decipher the chemical history of the past 150 years. research the answer and apply method to future similar problems. some professors are hard wired to prevent your success. transpose every example problem by hand. transpose every assignment problem in toto. change chemistry sentences into columns on your paper. get a feel for how some columns will have empty slots here and there. highlight the tricks for each problem. review highlights every day. CHEGG!! CHEGG!!
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    As a college chemistry teacher, I recommend to students that are struggling to make sure that you are doing the problems in the back of each chapter and checking your answers AFTER you do them. Often students do the problems with the solutions manual open in front of them - that doesn't work very well. Also, be sure to do the skill check problems imbedded in the chapter, typically after each section. Practice really is key - after you do the problems, hit google and type in something like "equilibrium practice problems" or "stoichometry multiple choice problems". There are literally hundreds of practice problems with answers on the internet. And you will find professors who have posted old exams for practice with answers so you can check your work. Practice, practice, practice. The students who excel in my class are working on problems constantly.
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    DS found himself in the same spot 2 years ago. He was sitting on 2 C's...and we were both freaked. He called his RC and said try to keep the C from turning into a D...but not to stress. I have seen appointments pulled for F's, but not for D's. My DS managed to keep the C's...but please listen to the chem teacher above...son got some long distance tutoring from a parent on this page and it was a Godsend.
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    Get a C and remove the doubt. My guess is they would not withdraw your appointment for one D, as long as your other grades are good. By the time they get your transcripts it will likely be too late to offer the appointment to someone else and their main concern will be whether you can handle the program.

    Since it is Chem 102, I assume you took Chem 101 last semester and did well. That should help since USMA only requires one semester of chemistry.
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    I think I'm gonna put Labrador on speed dial for when my DD needs some help! Get ready for your computer to be inundated with messages! :welcome1:
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    Khan Academy has saved my grade in too many classes to count. I swear by them, you should try it.
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