Right Now Navy Women's Hoops Patriot League Championship Game

Capt MJ

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Sep 27, 2008
Am sure @NavyHoops is glued to the screen watching game on CBSSports right now. You can also stream stats on navysports app. You can follow @NavyAthletics on Twitter.

Navy 30 to Bucknell 29 right now - gonna be a dig deep game. They are at Bucknell.

I still recall the awful quiet in the locker room after Navy women lost to Holy Cross, same game, and hope of NCAA vanished in a moment. Let's hope this is the magic game!
Thanks! Channel changed. I'm actually betting I can look for @NavyHoops in the nearly empty stands. Of course it appears to be half-time and maybe folks are out getting drinks and such.
The girls can't seem to buy a basket underneath, but they're killing it from the perimeter.
I'm watching too!
That Bucknell League Player of the Year has got to be neutralized.
Navy staying with them, just loved the steal and bucket to put them up by 3.
And the Navy Midshipmen send it into overtime with some good D. Hell of a game!
I still feel like I am in SDBs sitting in the last chair on the sidelines as Officer Rep. Totally twisted up inside.
Sigh. 79-71, Bucknell.

Heck of a way for Navy team to finish the year. They can hold their heads high, though it will be a quiet bus home.
Not there. I am actually at BGO training. At all the breaks I had it streaming to my phone so I could watch segments. Great game. Buckner is a solid team. Congrats then. Congrats to the Mids. Represented yourselves and USNA well. To the 3 seniors... enjoy your last few months and welcome to the old grad club.