Rotc Dodmerb and more angst.


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Dec 14, 2007
I'm a 17 year old female student. Currently a senior.
I have a pretty shabby situation and want some feedback, advice, anything. .
I've applied for the ROTC 4-year nursing full ride. Currently, I'm accepted to my first choice College. Also, I'm qualified for everything for academically, tests are high, good volunteering hours. everything. I've wanted this for years.
Now I've just gotten this letter from DodMerb, that I'm dq compliments of Myopia. Refraction over -8.00. What do I do?
Are my chances really bad? Thats the only thing holding me up.
I've gone to get letters, and second opinions from about 4 opthamologists.
I'm Korean so I'm more prone to it because of Genetics apparently.
My dad is a 30 year retired colonel in Dentac and my sister is an Rotc Nurse at school right now. I want to be the same, Also, I have no backup plans.
What are the stats for waivers on Myopia? I'm -8.75
Until the expert RetNavy comes in, I would assume that since you are so close to the -8.00 limit you have a decent chance of getting a waiver.
Hi Bumblebee,

You should copy and paste your myopia question on the DoDMERB titled subforum on this site. RetNavyHM recently retired from work at DoDMERB and he has guided many candidates through the waiver process.

While you wait for him to reply you can also search the DoDMERB section for questions relating to vision and myopia and you may find helpful information. Waivers do happen.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an Army nurse who had just finished her training through an ROTC scholarship. She was very satisified with her experience especially the leadership and unique opportunities she gained.

Not that YOU need a pep talk.:smile:
extra info.

25-OCT-07 Application Added
25-OCT-07 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system
08-NOV-07 Actual date of exam
21-NOV-07 Date exam received at DoDMERB
21-NOV-07 Medical data entry
27-NOV-07 Date exam reviewed
06-DEC-07 Date letter sent - Disqualification D155.70
Agency: US Army ROTC
Admission Status: Alternate
Admission Status Change Date: 25-OCT-2007
Current Medical Status: Pending Waiver Submission/Review (as of 06-DEC-07 )
Code Description
D155.70 Myopia - refractive error greater than - 8.00 diopters (spherical equivalent)
I copy pasted all that. Extra stuff.
I do have astigmatisms. But the letter didn't care about that. Just Myopia.
Myopia greater than -8.00 is a disqualification, but if you are at -8.75, and when you request the waiver you state in your letter that you are applying for nursing it will help your case out. I don't believe you will have any issues getting a waiver.

As for the astigmatism, if it wasn't listed as a disqualification, then you are within the limits and don't need to worry about it.

Do academics count as to your case for a waiver?
I'm at about a 3.2 GpA. .
Its low, but I did decently on my tests.
Do they just look at health when giving a waiver? or the whole picture?
I'm not top 15% in my class. . I'm well rounded though. Varsity Cross country captain for 2 years. as a Freshman and Sophomore. 500 volunteer hours at a hospital. Band. Math and Science Olympiad.
Battle of the books captain. Victorian Elite Captain. Military background.

Thanks for all the answers. They are quite helpful.
I have not sent in a request. yet. I'm waiting for some eye paperwork to mail in with my waiver request.
The waiver authorities do not look at academics, unless its is for an academic skills disorder. In your case, since it is only myopia, that is all they will be looking at.

At this point in time I would just send in your waiver request, there is no need for any additional information unless it is requested by the waiver authorities after they receive your waiver request. If they do request additional information it will have to be dated AFTER the request for additional information, so by getting new evaluations right now, you may just have to repeat them at a later date.

Thank you very much.
Now I just have to convince myself its going to work.
Thank you very much.
Now I just have to convince myself its going to work.

Hi, Bumblebee...:smile:

When reading your first post i was thinking of my daughter. Very similar situations. She, just like you, is accepted to her choice school, got ROTC scholarships, always wanted to do army and just got DQ for asthma after 13. We sent a request for a waiver and are waiting. She does not have a plan B either, because she cannot even think of one. I pray you both get your scholarship and pursue your dreams and succeed!:wink:
I appreciate your prayers. .

Good luck to your daughter also.
I sent in my paperwork today and am crossing my fingers.
I'm so nervous. .
My plan B will be Enlisting. . I can't pay for college alone.
I'm not up for loans, I'm only 17. . .
But College. . how far away it is right now.
more news and queries.

Ok. I was accepted to another school yesterday.
So my question is this.
I applied to my top 3 schools.
I have been accepted to all 3 now.
The thing is, Those are my ROTC schools too.
So, I've been hearing alot from one of them.
And next to nothing for the others. .
I'm wondering If I will get a Scholarship to those other 2.
And with my Medical dq so far, It's slow?
If I get the Scholarship, will it go to all three schools?
How does the individual school work?
I'm confused.
Bumblebee -

did you request a waiver from Cadet command HQ yet?

Send me a pm with your school and situation and I can help you out with the scholarship confusion.
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thats what I get on my application page on the dodmerb website. .
what is this?
That looks like some technical difficulties with the website.

DoDMERB letters can be very discouraging, especially the first one. I got a few, but that first one is tough, especially because you think that that is the end of the line, and your hopes are dashed. Eventually I got my waivers, but it did take some work.

The sea services are stricter when it comes to eyesight, as I'm sure HM1 can attest to. Some issues that arrises for the sea services are not on the radar of the other service.

Keep working through it, don't give up. The more work you have to put in to it, the more rewarded you will feel if it all works out. Calling DoDMERB is an option too, there should be a number on the letter (there was five years ago).

Good luck!
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thats what I get on my application page on the dodmerb website. .
what is this?

Well it appears that DoDMERB is having some website issues at the moment. If it is still like that tomorrow morning give DoDMERB a call and let them know.
well actually.

I think its been that way for the last 2 almost 3 days now. .
I was scared they permanently cut me out and erased me from the database. .

I completed my fundoscopic eye exam. Remedial.
And I passed my PT test with bare minimums.
14 minutes flat on the 2 mile run.
19 pushups
53 situps.
whew. . what a relief. and I mailed in confirmation of my height and weight.
and confirmation of all my varsity captain positions. club leadership. . sports. band.

I'm all set!!
now, I settle back to my 5 ap classes and wait. .
I'm so happy. . It just been such a long process from the beginning of August to now. . and its over.
Just waiting for the letter saying I'm in. :shake: