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    From what I see, most colleges in my area only offer Army, Air Force, and Navy ROTC. I know that Navy and Marine are supposed to go together, but do all Marine candidates take the class with the Navy candidates? I've also read about PLC, but the Marine Corps website makes it sound way too easy. Is it something that one applies for, like the national ROTC scholarship?
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    Navy and Marines do classes together where they both need the same Naval Science class. There are differences in the required Naval Science classes between the two. PLC is something you apply for which you can do via your local recruiting office (at least some of them, not sure about all). Many will apply, few will be chosen.
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    wojo: regarding NROTC, most of the time there are separate classes for the Navy and Marine students. They have drill once a week and that is usually done together. There is physical training and at most schools the Marines have there own sessions (and more often) than the Navy. PLC is a program you would apply for. As kinnem notes: it is not automatic.

    When considering the paths to becoming a Marine Officer, the best advice is to remember that none of them is easy.
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    If I remember correctly, (based on info from my son) the Navy and Marine options had two years with combined classes. After that the Marine options were separate. I could be wrong on the timeline but I know at one point they split off. They do not PT together. The Captain is a MCMAP instructor and has been getting the Marine MIDNs their black belts. He has opened that up to some of the Navy and even a few PLC also. My DS does not seem to know many of the Navy students. I feel like they are quite separate from each other.
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    Basically, both Marine and Navy Options take the same first 3 classes (1 each semester Freshman year/1st semester sophomore year) and then they break and come back together for a senior year Leadership and Ethics classes. Marine Options take Evolution of the Art of War and Amphibious warfare. Navy options take more navigation classes, etc. (All this is usually published in the respective unit's material
    and I believe in NROTC directives.)

    I believe how PT is run is up to the individual unit. My son's unit has "split" PT one day and Company PT another day (unless the midshipman is PT exempt). Navy special warfare types do a lot of PT and FEXs with the MO mids and MECEPs. PLC folks are invited. The unit's endurance team is made up of both Navy and MO mids and PT on their own.

    All the mids share "leadership lab" time, sometimes splitting off into different tracts, sometimes together.

    As far as PLC vs NROTC, agree with USMCGrunt. None of it is easy. The PLC seniors and MO "Bulldog" mids actually share the same Company at OCS after their junior year.
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