ROTC Uniform Question


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Sep 23, 2017
My son is enrolled as an MS1 in an Army ROTC program. He is not a green to gold, scholarship, or SMP cadet. My question is this- Is he entitled to be issued a uniform even though he does not meet height and weight standards? The university has denied him a uniform until he meets standards. Can a university program discriminate and not issue a student a uniform based on the fact they don't meet ht/wt standards? It seems fishy to me, as I am assuming that there is an allocation for each student (not to mention he's paying tuition/fees to the university) and by denying my son his uniform, is the ROTC program is acting in a fraudulent manner? Thanks!!
The ROTC program and the university are not the same thing. They have a mutual agreement, but how the program does things usually is not dictated by the school, and vice versa. Each school is different. Your Son’s program could very well limit who gets a uniform. They could also use the height/weight standards as a carrot to earn the ability to wear a uniform.

I would guess the program probably doesn’t have trouble making their mission, if they are making it harder for those who are trying, but not meeting the standards to be part of the team. There is a fine line between putting all in uniform and hoping no one outside the organization thinks the overweight kid is meeting standards, and having kids quit the program because they don’t get to dress like everyone else

I always tell prospect, the Army is not an equal opportunity employer. What your son’s program is doing is well within their authority, and if he wants to be an Army Officer he needs to drive on and meet height/weight standards.
When I was a cadet, many years ago, they only assigned uniforms to contracted cadets. If you weren't under contract, you were not issued one.
Only contracted cadets get uniforms at my Battalion. So he is relatively lucky that all he has to do is meet height and wait standards. I will get my uniform in a few weeks but the bravo team leader in my squad who is an MS2 still doesn't have one
Your son ought to turn earning the uniform into a motivator. I don't think my son would have earned a sideload scholarship if he didn't turn getting knocked down into getting back up and proving he could do it. And he was knocked down several times.
Thanks to everyone for your input. Height/Weight is something that makes every commander's head explode it seems. My experience in ROTC was much different, everyone was treated equally in regard to uniform issue. I went the SMP route, so the non contractual, non commitment MS1 is something I don't know much about. I appreciate the help, thanks!!