Round two officially begins

It CAN be done. My DS is proof.
It CAN be done. My DS is proof.

I actually stayed away from this board for a year and came back to find out what happened for your son. Congrats! This time it's my daughter. Son is a current plebe (almost plebe no more).
Just a reminder for reapplicants that there is no hurry! USNA won't even look at your packet until first semester college grades are in, which is usually late January. So give it a bit of time before writing your essays, completing your activity record, doing your CFA (unless you think you'll do terrific right now). Enjoy your first semester of college! You may well find that the college you're now attending is the best thing that ever happened to you.

The above said, MOC noms will come due early so it does pay to get those out of the way during the summer, if at all possible since once you start school you'll be quite busy.
Well, I just registered for the June 03 SAT and soon will probably do another SAT prep class to raise my math score. Here we go again is right!