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Aug 5, 2008
How does the Air Force Academy translate and evaluate SAT/ACT scores?
I have been told by my ALO that I have solid scores, but they are right in the middle 50% of people who enter the Academy. I have a 700 CR, 610 M, and 600 WR (i only used the highest scores out of the 2 tests that I took) and a composite of 29 on the ACT (30 english, 25 math, 31 reading, 29 science, and 27 combined english/writing). I am scheduled to retake the ACT this Saturday, besides getting the ACT math score up, what else should I do?
I don't know the answer to that but our son's (who got an LOA Oct. 14) SAT scores were mean math and above mean for verbal. But his admissions officer kept encouraging him to retake or take ACT. He took ACT and did really well (especially on English and Math, 99% and 98% percentile respectively) and his admissions officer said it raised his academic composite score 200 points (out of what I don't know but the admissions officer seemed real pleased). Our son was told at Boys State that they double weight somehow math scores so that might be an area you really want to concentrate on.
Thanks. I know that I am definitely focusing on getting my math scores up. I just don't understand why they were so low (in my opinion). I'm usually pretty good at math. :confused:
Go to the library and get the study guides. Take an SAt/ACT prep course. Work to get the best score you can, but by crossing the 600 mark you are in the right place. Daughter took the SAT 4 times with different results each time. One time Math would be good, next time the Reading/Comp. Just do your best.
The academic composite is out of 4000, most everyone falls between 2800 and 3900, so a 200 point increase is significant.

I am an ALO...and I'll tell you from my perspective: your scores are very nice!!!

HOWEVER...unless you have 800/800/800 there is always room for improvement! :smile: you know from your ALO, the academies will take the HIGHEST scores you get and keep those. I tell my candidates to take the tests (BOTH) as often as they can afford as all they can do is help themselves; they can't hurt themselves.

So, have really nice scores! :thumb:

But I'd still keep after it, until I got an appointment!


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Thank you flieger, hornetguy, and ds for you advice. ACT is tomorrow!!!! WOO this is going to be fun.:biggrin:

Just curious- how does the academy translate SAT and ACT? I took both, so I'm wondering which score is better: Crt. reading 680, math 800, writing 700 on the SAT, or math 35, science 35, writing 34 and reading 34 on the ACT?
If you google it you will see that college board has a formula for that. I would think your ACT looks higher
I'm gonna "guess" here and agree with Pima.

That being said...

The ONLY folks at USAFA that would know the "real" answer to that are the folks in "RR" and trust me, they won't say! :smile: