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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by futureusna, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Oct 10, 2011
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    To apply for Senator Richard Lugars nomination it said i have to "submit the results of any ACT and/or SAT exams"

    I take my SAT in March, should I wait until I get my results to apply for his nomination???
  2. Pima

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    Nov 28, 2007
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    Noms are not rolling, they have a drop dead due date, usually in late Sept/Mid Oct.

    Not one nom will be given out until after that date has passed. You can submit April 1st, but you also can hurt yourself by doing so since you will probably take the SAT/ACT again and again. Most likely the superscore will increase. However, if you submit your packet with just the March SAT, that is all they are going to go off of for the nom.

    You also hurt yourself by applying so early from the fact that you will not be adding whatever you do for the next 6 months.

    MOC's right now what just place your application in a file and mark it 2017. They are really busy with 16 right now and will be more so for the next few weeks when the bulk of apptmts come out.

    This is not a sprint, it is an emotional marathon.

    JMPO, but sit back, study, take your ACT/SAT, and wait until summer before you apply.
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    Also, many MOCs have their own ACT/SAT code to have your test results sent straight to them. Ours did and my son's results went straight into the system as he took them - their board scoring might be different though - 1 MOC scored best sitting, while another took the superscore.

    Check with the academy nom rep at their offices - very nice folk who love to help you has been our experience with them.

    Best :biggrin:
  4. Team Mom

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    We took Pima's advice and it worked out great. Thanks Pima!

    Call your MOC office and find out how they handle the application.

    DS called MOC (Congressman) office in late spring or early summer and the person in charge of nomination told DS that she wanted all of the documents in one envelope. She also told DS that they will not open the envelope until after the deadline.

    As soon as DS found out that he made a captain of the varsity football team (BTW he is not a recruited athlete) at the beginning of his senior year, he sent the entire package (including sealed transcripts and recommendations) in September. Like Romad said, MOC had his own SAT/ACT code. I don't know about other MOC, but our MOC's deadline was Nov. 1. Although MOC office told DS that they were not going to open his envelope until Nov. 1, the MOC office called DS in October to schedule an appointment.

    So, for MOC application, I would say wait until your package is complete, but don't wait until the last minute. For SA application, finish early! DS completed his in August for USNA and sent updates later.

    Good luck

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