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May 24, 2007
Sorry, I posted this under USMA but it goes for all the academies. Does anyone know if/what academies are looking for the SAT writing score for the class entering 2009? I just got my results and I feel confident of my verbal(740)/math(690) scores. My writing score was a little lower (610) but if none of the academies look at it than there's no use in worrying.

Wow! Nice score! Hope to see you on the swim/dive team next year at USMA!

Not all athletes wear shoes.
I wouldn't worry about it too much. Your Math and CR scores are good and a 610 in writing is not even that bad (I got a 590 in writing). Since they still have limited data on how kids do on the writing section I doubt it is going to play a huge role in the consideration. Back to my first point, a 610 isn't bad (especially with your other scores).

Good Luck :thumb:
My guesstimate is you will be standing just fine. I say this because, the AFA min for V is 590, I would ASSUME that the writing score would be @ the 590 marker or maybe even a little lower, since that part is subjective.

I would look under the AFA site under selection scoring in June. They actually state what the min is required to be considered for selection. This year it was a 590 V and/or a 25 CR.

I would also suggest taking the ACT, you might do better. Our DS was 720/670, and he took the ACT (Notre Dame required it), he landed up with a 33, which puts the scores in 1500 range. The ACT offers a writing portion also.

For now I thing your scores are terrific and would hold tight until the SA's place the scores up on their websites. You could still take in the early fall (Sept) and have scores submitted before the first LOA's occur.

Good Luck, congrats on the SATs!
To answer your question, first off, don't assume that all the academies are the same. They are, initially, at least, working pretty much independently on this. And the 'Chair' Force, with all their mandatory paperwork, will probably be the first to utilize this input.

USNA only tells you to take it (only applies as an option to ACTs) and to do your best. They are still gathering data as to whether it is a valid indicator of success or not. I have heard nothing officially beyond that. However, at some time in the future, it will probably be addressed.
Your scores are fine. You shouldn't have to worry about scores as long as they are 500(at the very least) and up. Good Luck!
yeslehc1, this isn't the Valley Community College forum. 500s aren't even close to establisihing one as an official candidate, 570M/530V, at USNA, with 600/600 required to apply without a waiver. The AVERAGES for successful candidates directly out of high school is in the 700M/650V range. Anything lower requires a stronger than average EC/Sports package.
In response to USNA69:

Okay I meant that at least swimmerguy09 has scores that are in the 600+ range. Below 600 is not that good and that is why I said "at the very least".
A quick question for USNA69:

A USMA liaison officer told us in an informational seminar that composition and writing skills seemed to give new cadets the biggest problems in their Plebe-level English classes. Is this true for the Naval Academy as well?