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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by warrior21, Jun 11, 2012.

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    I was awarded a 4 year scholarship for Army ROTC. For my final grades for senior year I received one C plus, and the rest of my grades were all A's or B's (my final GPA was like 4. 3 or something). Is there any need to worry about ROTC taking away my scholarship (do they even see my final grades?)
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    They never asked for my son's final grades for ROTC. The college you are attending will most likely ask for your final transcript, now that I think about it I can't be sure if my son sent his final transcript to ROTC or not, sorry for not being able to give you a definitive answer.

    The main thing is, I wouldn't worry too much about the C+, I highly doubt it would effect the scholarship. If the College is a very highly competitive school they might want an explanation of the Grade, but I wouldn't worry.
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    I don't think you have anything you need to worry about, especially if this was a non-core course (which I assume is the case).
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    ROTC follows the college's lead in things like this. If your future college doesn't care, then ROTC doesn't either.

    This is a big topic at this time of year on college acceptance threads, for example, at College Confidential. Each school has its own guidelines. The most strict that I've heard of are UC Berkeley and UCLA. At the former, Senior year grades cannot dip below 3.0 UNweighted in either Senior year semester, with no D or F grades at all. UCLA is the same but the 3.0 UNweighted refers to the entire year, and not each semester individually (meaning a prospective student may have a 2.5 unweighted one semester as long as the other semester is at least 3.5 unweighted).
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    The only issue that matters now is not getting your admission revoked. I've seen highly selective schools that will put a kid on probation for an unexpected C grade in first term of Senior year saying don't let it drop any further (or revocation of admission is the punishment), but a C+ in the last term shouldn't be an issue unless you're admission was conditional on a certain grades in your senior year.

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