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    Hey all,

    I currently have an Army ROTC 2.5 year scholarship and am an MSIII. I was reading the website about scholarships and services commitments after and I came across a section that states

    "Selected Cadets may choose to serve part time in the U.S. Army Reserve or Army National Guard while pursuing a civilian career."

    I was wondering, who are these selected cadets and how do they get the option to serve in the reserves or ARNG? I cannot find any information on the website about this.

    Thank you and let me know if any of you all have any information about this.
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    Having a scholarship does not require you to go into active duty. I wonder why they use the word "selected" since 50% or more of newly commissioned MS4s go into Army Reserve or National Guard. Although many cadets have by their own choice committed to go into Reserve/NG, there may be just as many who would prefer active duty but are unable to do so.

    Your battalion should have cadre members who are familiar with the process. And surely there are MS4s who are going Reserve/NG who can advise you.
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    If you want guard or reserves you have a couple options.
    1. ask to convert your scholarship to a GRFD scholarship. That will guarantee you don't get active and will require you to join the Guard or Reserves while still in college. It's an opportunity to lock in and get your feet wet in the Guard/Reserve world

    2. Wait until you access (choose your branch) at the beginning of your Junior year. You can then choose Guard or Reserves and you'll join your chosen component once you graduate.

    Your cadre should have briefed you on these options.

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