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USNA, I think you misunderstood my point. I was saying that if the SA is your 1st choice (like EA for univ.) You could have done your paperwork and applied back in Oct/Nov... and if (like ED for univ) you are selected b4 the reg. selection (as in a univ sit) would you go out and apply for 9 more univ.

My point was to comp SA to a univ EA. If you ask for EA/ED than that is your dream, no one should put themselves into a binding sit. unless they plan to fulfill the committment.

My mistake. I did misunderstand. And you're right about ED being binding. I "lost" a great candidate to Cornell a couple of years ago b/c he applied ED and felt he had to honor his commitment when he was accepted. So it goes.
Back to post #18 --- I don't see how applying will boost your chance at getting one of the 14 4 year AROTC scholarship. The PMS is free to offer you the scholarship - even before you apply.
My daughter was offered her scholarship before she applied - of course it was contingent on her being accepted.

There is no reason to apply ED to get a scholarship. Now if you didn't get accepted that might be a problem.......

I know that when I received a letter from Duke, they wanted me to send a form back stating my intent to accept their scholarship and if I was going to apply ED. Because you have better chances of acceptance when applying ED, the PMS may not want to waste an offer during that round to someone who may not get in and may prefer an ED applicant. Applying ED to a school also shows a commitment, so there is a lesser chance that the student will later reject that scholarship for another school's.

*The above is only my theory, and may very well not be policy*

Whether you applied Early Decision to a school may affect the PMS's decision to select you for a scholarship during the first round of offers, but I doubt that it would matter for later scholarship rounds.
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