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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by tykai, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Feb 19, 2013
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    I am currently filling out the applications for my senatorial nominations and there will be some blank spots that will be there when it is time to send it in. some are tests and other things that are not available to me at this time. will it look bad if i try to send it in with a few blank spots such as the scores or graduation date, as i am a junior, or would those be acceptable things to leave blank until i have the information. thank you
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    If you are currently a junior you have plenty of time. There is no rush to send it in. Instead be guided by the Senator's deadlines. Don't wait until then, but use them as a guide. You'll see there is no rush yet.
  3. Vista123

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    I agree with Kinnem (and almost always do!)--no benefit to getting this in early-unlike your academy application which is earlier the better.

    Some MOC wont let you do updates so you want to have your packet perfect before you send it in.

    BE MINDFUL though that MOCs can change their due dates without notification. particularly in an election cycle. Just keep track of the due date and send it a few wks before--in our state nothing is reviewed until after the due date and all packets are in.
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    Our two senators and MOC only accepts complete packets and only allow updates of test scores and or awards until the deadline which is different for each but is around last week of November and updates until you get interviewed.
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    There are benefits to waiting until the summer to submit your packets. First, you'll have final 11th grade grades. Second, you will have a better idea of your sports/activities for senior year. Third, you have time to compose your essay(s).

    For MOCs, there is little benefit in terms of the likelihood of receiving a nom in getting the packets in early (understand it's one less thing you have to do senior year). Just don't miss the deadline!

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