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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by yofi23, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Nov 12, 2012
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    So the USNA mids were notified of their branch selection today. Were NROTC students notified today too? And if so...stats?
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    I don't have stats for NROTC, however, the last time I checked the stats for both NROTC and USNA for the classes of 2011, the % of the cohort that was Assigned into each category was almost identical...down to within 1%... Navy Pilot, Navy Flight Officer, Surface, Surface Nuc, Subs, SEAL, EOD, etc. There is no preference given to one or the other in the % of that group that is assigned into each service. This is quite different from USMA/AROTC, where a much higher % of USMA is assigned into Combat Arms than is the % out of AROTC/
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    And of course, for lurkers, that is for NROTC Navy Option only. Marine Option doesn't know where they are going until tail end of TBS.
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    The AF is like the Navy, the numbers are almost identical. The reason I think this occurs is because both these branches have a make or break yr for ROTC, and their cgpa is huge in that decision.

    That yr is the summer of their rising jr. yr. If they don't make the cut-off they are dis-enrolled.

    The AF basically guarantees an AFA cadet if they graduate they can get their dream career slot, including pilot. They can have a 2.2 cgpa. Whereas, for AFROTC, if you aren't carrying at least a 3.1 come end of fall sophomore yr., you can hear the fat lady starting her aria. If somehow, she doesn't sing, come end of fall semester jr. yr., your CoC will determine if they will allow you to meet the rated board. Thus, they may get their 1st choice, but it was not really their 1st choice since they were never allowed to apply for a rated board.

    Tie that all up together, and you can see why although the stats may seem to be nearly identical, the amount of hurdles, and bumps in the road are much greater, and probably be more like the stats using WP and AROTC if you looked at the pool from a different perspective.

    Also remember, AF/NROTC must go AD, there is no other option, which is another factor to not only why they have those make or break yrs., but also why their stats mimic so closely,

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