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Dec 29, 2008
I got a nomination for USAFA right before Christmas, but I found out this week that the office would nominate to USNA too if I was "still interested" in the Navy. Well I don't remember expressing a whole lot of interest in it during my interview. On the form it asked you to rank the Academies in order of preference (I put USNA #2). I didn't take that to mean " only if you're applying to more than one school." So I've started wondering, do you think that I should follow through with the USNA app? USAFA is my first choice, of course, but do I accept the Navy nom just b/c it's been offered? I mean I kinda always figured Navy would be my second choice for a SA but I never thought about it seriously. I just started thinking about the people that have always dreamed about going to USNA but didn't get a nom and here I am with one w/o even thinking about it. It's like I don't really deserve it ya know? Also, I found out that apparently I have started/ submitted an app to West Point and I have NO recollection of that... its crazy!!!:shake: Oh, and do I tell USAFA about the nom to Navy? Also, if I have only one or two things to add to my extracurriculars, do I need to bother them mailing it in? Thanks...
You shouldn't pursue a nom to an SA just b/c. You will owe 5 yrs at least after you graduate, if you don't want to serve in the Navy than don't.
Agreed with Pima. If you don't want to go to USNA then don't take the nomination. There might be other candidates from your state or district who deeply wants to go to USNA. You might have been the most qualified one to receive the offer directly as you did show interest for USNA by picking it as #2. Just imagine if you were the 2nd most qualified one. Let's say you lost a USAFA nomination to a most qualified one that intends to attend USNA. How would you feel? Sorry not to beat on the subject but you did sound as if you really didn't want to go to USNA. Now if you do plan to make USNA your second choice and intend of going if you get it by all means take it.:thumb:
Bulldog 300,

Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far! Obviously you are already aware of the commitment or you would not be going the SA route...

Since you are interested in a Service Academy, then I would say apply to all that interest you. Investigate the opportunities at Navy and/or West Point and see if they come close to what you like about USAFA. Never give up your USAFA dream, but also look into all opportunities so you never look back with regret.

Thank you for your willingness to serve and good luck to you in all future decisions! :)
Bulldog I went through that too. Back in March when I was applying like crazy to EVERYWHERE, I applied for AFA, AFROTC, NA, and even NROTC (for some reason). I applied to the Navy even though I knew in my mind that AFROTC was my backup to the AFA. I ended up getting an LOA before I could finish my AFROTC application, and about 3 weeks later I got a nomination, so I didn't bother finishing it. I never even got half way done with my NA app, and as far as the NROTC app, I got far enough for the recruiter (or whatever you call them) to keep calling to make sure I am going to finish the app. Point is, if you know you will probably never even go to the Navy (as opposed to AFROTC or something), don't accept a nomination from them. That takes a chance away from somebody who needs it.
Bulldog; I'm half a sleep, so I might have read past this part. Did you APPLY to the naval academy; or simply mentioned an interest to your rep/senator? If you didn't actually apply to the naval academy, then a nomination to it will mean absolutely nothing. However; if you are a state that has a lot of applicants to the numerous service academies, then your nomination it it could actually take away a chance for someone else. If however you are from a state like Wyoming, where there are NEVER the full amount of applicants to each service academy, then it doesn't hurt anyone and it makes the Rep/Senator "LOOK GOOD" because of their nominations. Remember; their nominations for you and others becomes part of "THEIR" resume and "I love me wall". So, if it doesn't hurt anyone else's chances in getting into the Navy, then don't worry about it. But if you haven't filled out an actual application to Navy, then the nomination will mean nothing and it's a little late to start applying.

There are some however similar to Flieger's story in the other post, that want to serve. They will serve in any branch of the military. They probably applied to more than one academy. Many applicants do. Many take it all the way down to the wire with an LOA from this school and an Appointment from this one, etc... If you applied to all of them, then definitely take the nomination. You might get in at Navy and not at Air Force. If that's something you want, then great. My suggestion however is based on how it affects others in your state. Again, some states it has no affect because the rep and/or senator NEVER fill their slate. Some states aren't even attracted to certain academies. I.e. Wyoming doesn't have a lot of people looking at the NAVY. HINT: KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN APPLYING; IT CAN RAISE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING IN BY BEING THE PRINCIPLE NOMINEE.

Then there are those that a certain academy is all they wanted and they don't want anything else. Some of these are the ones that go for Air Force ONLY. If they don't get in; they pray that it's academic and they get a slot at the prep school. If it's not that, they go to civilian college; maybe grab ROTC if they can; and THEY REAPPLY NEXT YEAR FOR THE ACADEMY. My son was sort of in that category. It was Air Force or nothing. If it meant re-applying each year, then so be it. So, figure out how it affects you. If you haven't applied, either apply or it's a waste. But it helps make the rep/senator look good. Just don't screw over some other person's chances if you aren't interested and there's a lot of interested people. later... mike.....
Thanks. Yeah I'm just gonna probably focus on AFA and leave that nom for someone else. I hadn't applied to Navy before the interview, just AF. So should I let USAFA know this? I also have something to add to my extracurricular list... do I just mail that in on a sheet of paper?
I also have something to add to my extracurricular list... do I just mail that in on a sheet of paper?

That's what I did about a week ago. You could also fax it in. On the candidate page you will see a phone number and fax number for your AFA counselor.