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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by DC1220, Mar 23, 2014.

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    I've applied to many great schools such as VMI and embry riddle aeronautical university. Still waiting on VMI but i have already gotten into embry riddle with a prepaid program so school is practically free!! But i've had the desire to go to the academy as many of you know, and im stuck now with a very hard decision to make. Embry riddle is the nations best school for someone studying in the aviation or aerospace engineering field( me). Let me get my question out. Let's say i really like it there, i meet great people, have a lot of flying experience. Would you give all that up to go to the academy if you were in my shoes.

    -P.S - Embry Riddle does have an NROTC program at their Daytona Beach campus which ill be attending if i choose that school.

    -P.S.S- if any knowledge is available, can someone please give me some info on the naval academy's aviation program,

    guys, i know i talk about this alot, and to some its becoming annoying, but i had the bad luck of having alot of unfortunate events occur during high school, and i'm afraid of losing my dream of graduating a midshipman. So would you transfer from a school that is premier in your field, and is a place you feel happy and have alot of good opprotunities open up( not that the academy doesn't have those)?
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    No one can answer that question for you. If you still have the desire to attend USNA, start by reading the sticky above on "reapplying." Then start the process.

    Give your civilian college 100% and, come the fall after you've ben there a few months, consider whether you're still interested in USNA. You may find that you're perfectly happy with Embry-Riddle. In that case, you can withdraw your application from USNA and go on with your life.
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    +1 to usna1985. Also, make sure you get in that NROTC program and give it your all in the interim. You might find you want to stay an Embry Riddle, or you might not... but it never hurts to keep your options open.

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