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Apr 16, 2007
Just wondering what the USNA smoking policy is. I could not find out any information on the website. Is it a nonsmoking facility?
Thank you.
Everyone on this board is so nice.
All government buildings are non-smoking, and as of 3 years ago, there were only designated areas (outdoors) on the academy where you could smoke.
Was on the Yard yesterday and saw a midshipman smoking near the outdoor track. I had the same question and asked a midshipman....they said that yes, they could smoke if they were 18. To tell you the truth, I was surprised at that since the Academy places such a high priority on preparing midshipmen morally, mentally and physically. Guess I will have to sort that one out in my mind.
When I went to Marine Corps mini-boot camp a lot of the marines smoked.
I was shocked to see many mids smoking at the Army/Navy game.
It's not unique to USNA, there are many (but not a majority by any means) smokers at every academy.
Absolutely....with all the hoops these young men and women have to jump through and having to pass very strict medical exams, etc......why on earth would smoking be permissible? It is an ADDICTION and a crutch....why are we encouraging (by allowing it) in the service academies? After you are out, do what you want, but while representing the high ideals of the academies, smoking should not be permitted.
Quitting smoking is by far the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life.

I think it was President Eisenhower that said of quitting, "I may ar may not smoke again, but I'll certainly never quit again."
while representing the high ideals of the academies, smoking should not be permitted.

Well, mind you it is legal. Pure and simple. You can ban the location but it is legal - just like drinking. Can not drink in the hall but as long as a you are legal you can in DTA and even at many events on the yard. There would also be a lot of parents that would think drinking ought to be ban too, for your same reason - high ideals (whatever you interpret those to be.)

Lets just ban everything that we do not agree with - that makes a lot of sense. But what about the Mid or Cadet who does not see anything wrong with smoking? Still carries a high AOM, MOM and OOM, gets an A on the PRT every semester, has a Brigade or Corps leadership position and is very well respected by his/her peers?. What high ideal are they not upholding or representing?

I personally do not like smoking, don't like to be around those that are smoking and have never tried. It is stupid and ruins your health BUT more rules and regulations are not the answer nor should they be.
smoking at the service academies

The idea to tell men and women of legal age who may one day sacrifice their lives for our country that they couldn't smoke is laughable.

My daughter is a student-athlete at a D1 school and tells me of many athletes that smoke. It's also banned according to NCAA regs.

The thought of what we know of all the health hazards of smoking and why anyone would choose to is beyond me though. And in today's economy how does one afford it? I recently saw cigarettes priced at almost $5 a pack? I'd put that towards a quit-smoking program or health club membership.
just as an interesting fact... I used to want to go to West Point (after we visited in 6th grade) and I have a book documenting the history of USMA. Back in the 1800's cadets used to be banned from smoking and playing cards and drinking... the prohibition didn't really work ;]

On my CVW I was pretty surprised at the number of Mids dipping... one thing I will definitely not be doing at USNA!

PS About the Point deal- I've since been reformed :D Go Navy!
Uh, folks? I hate to break this to you, but tobacco is a legal substance and this is still a (reasonably) free country. The people wearing the uniform are those willing to take bullets to defend those freedoms, so screaming that tobacco should be banned is not only reactionary, it's an afront to those who defend our freedoms.

A lot of people smoke. Deal with it. It's bad enough we've begun treating them as second-class citizens.

No, I don't smoke and never have. Dipping is one of the most disgusting practices ever devised. But you know what? It's a free country. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean that others should be denied it or that they should be segregated into the far corners of society.

I thought we had settled these issues? I guess discrimination is still OK provided the group being hosed isn't PC...