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Dec 12, 2006
My son was just awarded a four-year Type 2 Air Force ROTC Scholarship on Friday. We were alerted to the fact by visiting the ROTC website and reading the following message...

Congratulations! You were awarded a scholarship. You will be receiving written confirmation via mail within the next few weeks. If you have questions please notify HQ AFROTC/RRUC.

We called the Air Force and were told that it was a four-year Type 2 scholarship that came with no restrictions on the major chosen. Had we not seen the website, we would have not found out about the awarding of the scholarship for another two weeks.

We are still waiting on whether an appointment to the USAFA will be offered but at least have a solid backup plan in place.
Congrats TD that is great news...word to everybody else, check your web sites!
The stars at night are big and bright... deep in the heart of texas :thumb:
Yep, we too spotted a change on the ROTC website, awarding us a 4 yr scholarship at Mizzou. :) No other notifications (yet) so check that site everyday!

Congrats to all.


PS: Ours reads "4 year Navy Option Scholarship and assigned to the NROTC unit at Univ of Missouri". Any idea as to why the other posters' note refereced some sort of "TYPE classification" also?
ChipAyten said:
The stars at night are big and bright... deep in the heart of texas :thumb:

Where's the hand clap/stomp!? LOL Congrats to all! GREAT news! :yay:
The AFROTC has different types-

Type 1 pays full tuition
Type 2 pays up to $15,000 3 or 4 year
Type 7 pays $9,000 in-state only

AFROTC is you take it to the college of your choice.

TD are kids are in the same boat. I just need some Valium to get throught the next few months, tonight starts the lacrosse season. My son is the goalie and the team are the defending division champs. He really handles this stuff better than I do.
BTW - do those of us just getting notices of NROTC scholarships have to do anything to prompt DODMERB to add them to thier list? I.e. we're already thru the physical when we applied to USNA and AF - I assume those results will remain valid for NROTC?

Both USNA and AF granted waivers for misc items - should we expect to have to fight again for NROTC, or does a USNA waiver automatically carry over to NROTC?
Good Knight!

Yes, it should automatically show up once they've got all th paper work. Ours got the DoDMERB physical for USNA and it automatically showed up for NROTC.

Btw, Nrotc does not do the Type 1, 2,7 stich that AF does. Your NROTC is good for full tuition and some expenses (not room and board) for any major as we understand it. And while you're assigned to Mizzou, you can change that IF your son's accepted elsewhere AND they have a billet available. In the meantime, they've reserved one for him @ Mizzou. Congrats! And here's that you'll have the luxury of gracefully declining that scholarship.:thumb: :zip:
About 3 weeks after the scholarship is granted for NROTC, and about the same for AFROTC, the applicants name is uploaded to DoDMERB. If the applicant already has a physical exam on file its a pretty quick review.
Do you expect that previous waiver's granted by AF and NA will be "uploaded" to NROTC also?

The AFROTC waiver authority is separate from the USAFA waiver authority so it will be reviewed again from the beginning. The NROTC and USNA waiver authorities are essentially the same (same organization, but different offices) so the review is much quicker, but they have been known to make different decisions.
ROTC Scholarship

An interesting sideline to the awarding of my son's scholarship. We discovered that the scholarship was awarded on March 9th by visting the ROTC application tracker website (something we did daily).

Yesterday we received an offer from the University of Portland addressed to "scholarship awardee" stating that the university would cover the difference in a Type 2 scholarship and their tuition ($7,000 a year) and offer free room and board if my son decided to attend.

The letter from the University of Portland was dated March day before the website was updated, announcing the awarding of the scholarship. Had we not checked the website, we would have been alerted to the scholarship by a college looking for students and not from any official source.
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That's pretty neat! Here's to the U. of P. Now it'll only run you $1,500 a pop to get him there and back? OY? Beats T,R & B tho, for sure. Congrats AGAIN!
thats how i found out about mine too. i got an email from U of P
IIT emailed my son, then portland. UP has also called, that extra for the scholarship is for only engineering students, my S is a Chemistry major. We have also received email/letters from Kansas State and St. Thomas.
Silly question, but did your s/d apply to all of those schools, and/or list them on his/her NROTC application? Or did those schools find out about his/her scholarship award and start "fishing" for him/her?
Fishing for students....

The University of Portland, and other schools, must have access to a list of scholarship award winners and sends out requests to attend their schools in an unsolicited fashion. I had never heard of U of P until I saw another post on this website a few weeks ago mentioning the same thing. I assume there will be solicitations from other schools in the near future.
Army ROTC does this too. They must have access to all scholarship winners. My daughter got random emails and mailings from schools offering her a scholarship - after the website showed she had accepted one already.
Congrats to all you AFROTC scholarship winners! A job well done for sure!
That's just the start. I think my son has heard from at least 20 AFROTC detachments with all kinds of offers if he attended their school. Now if only one of the schools he wants to go to would make a similiar offer.
He might want to initiate those contacts to those most attractive to him. Congrats and good luck.