Spain's Princess Leonor starts military academy with 'excitement and nerves'


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Dec 12, 2012
If anyone can get her a private message, my son is a Naval Officer, a good looking boy, nice. And available.
Bet they have a frat policy too. But fun to think about. my first thought was “I’d hate to be in her chain of command.” I hope she is down-to-earth and tries to be a “regular cadete.”
If these are a thing, I must have missed the 1999 news article about me titled "Northern California's trailer country bumpkin enlists in the Navy" :D

Good for her. I'm always a mixture of jealous and sympathetic for individuals in these situations.
The Spanish military academies (which are very small compared to our Federal Service Academies) are places where the aristocracy goes. For example, the King of Spain is a graduate of Escuela Naval Militar España. The standards expected in these schools for academics, physical fitness, and honor concept/code are not in the same league as our SAs - not even close. Within these institutions, there are unfortunate attitudes towards groups of people that are holdovers from the Franco era that are tolerated at the highest levels. They (like the overall Spanish military) are poorly funded and equipped. As an example, in each graduating class at Escuela Naval Militar España, the "Firsties" (its a five year program) who are interested in aviation compete for a single pilot slot each year.
Well, with less than fifty aircraft in the Armada (total) I can see where they don't need too many pilots each year.
Translation. "Ugh, how many more days?"


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The last Armada didn't go so well, But we do have the myth of the "Black Irish".:) It does seem that the young royals from whatever house put some time in the military.