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Good evening all,

I know who I would like my sponsor family to be. Does anyone know where I submit that information?


You can take care of it in the fall after the end of basic too. You can actually go to the sponsor office here or call them. That's what I did with no problems, but I also didn't know I wanted these people until after basic.


I filled out the sponsor family form as part of my Appointee Kit. I didn't know you could do it after basic; that's a good option too.
You should be good then, don't let that be one of your worries right now; you have enough on your plate I'm sure. If they mess it up (and trust me they do) and assign you to another family it'll be easy enough to fix once the academic year starts.


Sponsor families are the greatest!!!!!

I hope yours is as wonderful as my kids' family is/was. Just fantastic folks.

Agree completely. Our son's family is great! He enjoys hanging out with them and their two high school aged sons. They probabaly snag him a couple weekends each month!


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One of my kids' sponsor parents gave the kids a car to use, their own rooms in their home, food, entertainment....

Even if your kid's sponsor folk aren't not of the means for such things, the home cooking and just quiet time are so great.


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3 add on's about sponsor families. "In case anyone was curious".

1. It isn't mandatory. There's a lot of cadets that don't have sponsor families. Either they don't see a need for one; their real family doesn't live that far away if they need something or want to get away for a weekend (When available); or they have no problem bonding with other cadets and help each other out.

2. Many; I won't say all, most, etc. but a good many; that do have sponsor families, only use them their first year at the academy. It's someone from the outside that they can visit, talk to, get advice from, etc. But by the 2nd year on, many of the cadets have a good handle on their environment. They spend most of their free time with other cadets doing things. They don't need any type of family to help. "Basically; they've started growing up".

3. Finally; if you are involved with IC sports; you're a recruited athlete; most of the teams "Take care of their own". My son was an IC football player. The TEAM "Coaches and other cadet players"; MET them at the academy on I-Day. Briefed them and families; told them what to expect; etc. then lead them to inprocessing. During doolie day out, the players went to the coach's house for bar-b-que. During the year, if a player needed to talk to someone, the coaches were there for them. On a more personal level. Not just for sports. Point is, the IC Sports are a "Family of their own".

So if anyone doesn't feel like a sponsor family is for them, that's ok. It's not mandatory.