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    I read that about 2,000 applicants complete their applications in time to make it to the first board. That everyone is assigned a number based on their stats. I think I read about 200-250 scholarships are offered at the first board. I cant find though what are the average stats for those awarded at the first board. Does anyone have any info on this?

    (I looked at the postings from October board 2012 who stated that they were awarded scholarships at that October board. Posters listed they got first choice school or second choice school or third choice school. There weren't many who posted stats though.)
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    You probably will never find that info, and nor should you place any weight into the results because that was last yrs selection. You have no clue what this yr applicant will look like until the boards are done.

    For example:
    The DoD budget is again being cut by 10%. Nobody here can tell you if the DoD will cut 10% across the board for each branch, or cut one branch more than another.

    Nobody can tell you what the Army will cut to make their FY14 budget. It can be AD personnel (iotw promotions, RIFs, SERBs). It can be new hardware. It can be ROTC and they can decide to reduce scholarships offered or cut training.

    Nobody can tell you how many will apply for a scholarship. There is an inverse correlation between the economy and the military. When the economy is strong, the military has problems making numbers. When the economy is weak, the military has to turn people away. The economy right now is EH, but the thing is the cost of college is still rising by at least 10% a yr., and many feel that war/conflicts are not as big of a factor as it was even 2-3 yrs ago. They assume come commissioning in 18, that we will be out of Iraq and Afghanistan, thus it is a good time to join because they pay for college, you have a guaranteed job upon college graduation, and you only owe 4 yrs AD.

    I hope that helps to explain why last yrs stats really don't matter at all if you are trying to gauge for chances this yr.

    OBTW, if you really are desiring in finding the stats as an AROTC candidate, contact the schools on your list and ask the cadre there. They might not release the actual stats, but can tell you what the avg is for attending their school on scholarship. Remember it is a WCS, there are variables, such as recs and ECs. A 3.8 uwcgpa is one thing. A 3.8 uwcgpa, with all honors, APs, state champ, hundreds of volunteer hrs, is what you really need to know to figure out where you stand.

    Finally, statistically, even for the SAs, maybe 10-15% post here. You are not going to get a true statistical pool because many candidates have never ever heard of this site.

    Plus, the 1st board is typically about setting the bar. AROTC has a limited pot of gold. They are not going to give it all out right out of the gate. They will give to the ones that will get a scholarship because their scores are so high. If reboarded it is not negative. It is they want to see a larger pool to decide where and what type of scholarship you will get.
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    You can't really go by average stats because the make the selections based on the Whole Person Score, Academics, Leadership, Athletics. Someone's Academics may be lower then others but they are exceptional in other areas, the same is true for each category.

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