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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by ThatBandKid, Nov 9, 2012.

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    I was scheduled to take my PFT this morning but owing to pretty severe tendonitis in my shoulder my JROTC NSI told me to wait until after Thanksgiving to take my test so that my push-ups score will actually be somewhat competitive. The only problem is my interview is scheduled for Wednesday. Can I take my interview before my PFT? Or do I need to bring fitness scores to the interview? If so, I'll either have to report cruddy scores or push my interview back a few weeks. No matter what, I'll be spending the next few days with an icebag on my shoulder :redface:
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    Off topic, but I would also see how this might impact you for your DoDMERB exam later on, regarding remedial or DQs.

    Back on topic, I will let others answer that question for AROTC, but for AFROTC it wouldn't be an issue. What would be ties back to DoDMERB, if they ask your PFA scores than how do you answer that question without creating questions in their mind about DoDMERB?

    Not a doc., so I don't know where tendonitis is on the scale for DoDMERB, but I would think if it is recurrent and you have had a steroid shot, you need to investigate this portion of the process.

    I am known as a Janie Raincloud, I don't mind, because honestly, at least you can investigate more now to get your ducks in order for the what ifs? What ifs are just that, it might happen, it might not.

    Good luck.

    OBTW if you were my child, I would listen to your NJROTC Commander because I am sure you are not the 1st student that they have had applying fro a ROTC scholarship. They know the system just from going through it with other HS students.
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    On doesn't matter what order you take accomplish the four requirements. Might want to touch base with the Battalion you are going to interview with to see what their expectations are, since every Battalion is a little different. If they were expecting you to have a PFT score, explain to them your situation and they should be OK with it. If they aren't OK with it I would reconsider being a part of that Battalion if they are on your list, and reconsider doing your interview there if they aren't.

    Off topic...I wouldn't sweat the DODMERB implications at this time. You'll be going down the DODMERB route soon enough.

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