Successful nrotc applicants pls post your stats

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    I want a reverse chance me. If not successful, feel free to post as well.


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    My son got one and will start this fall.. 4.2 gpa, 2000 sats, lots of science /tech classes, 8 a.p classes. Varsity Letter winner in two sports, team captain. Academic awards and more importantly awards that spoke to his character such as Dtrs of American Revolution...great teacher recs. It has been said if you are competitve for the academies you are competitive for ROTC scholarships. My son was waitlisted at USNA.
    Apply by August and be realistic about your school choices as you have to
    Be admitted to college independently of NROTC scholarship... Meaning dont put high reach schools as your main choices . remember there are never any guarantees..put your Best foot forward in all categories.Good luck.
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    If you go through the bowels of this forum using the search button you will find many threads that share their stats. My best advice for candidates that want N/AFROTC scholarships expect to be competitive for USNA/USAFA. The majority of candidates, like Navyhopeful will apply for both. However, USNA and NROTC boards do not talk to each other. Thus, there will be candidates that get none, one or both. Typically, USNA sends out the bulk of their appointments in March/April. Which means many scholarship recipients will not throw back their scholarship until after the last board was already posted. Additionally, many hold onto the scholarship as a plan B (get hurt in the spring, medical turnback for USNA, but will be good to go in Aug. for NROTC).
    ~ I did not include AROTC because they do not place the same amount of emphasis on STEM/TECH majors that N/AFROTC does. Majoring in Business or Govt for NROTC may mean you are competing with the allotted 15% of all scholarships awarded.
    ~~ If like AFROTC, than your stats need to be even higher than others because the pool size may be bigger while the amount awarded is much, much smaller. You have to be the best of the best.

    No flaming I am not insinuating anything negative against AROTC. Just saying that they are not as STEM/ tech oriented as NROTC. Nothing against Non-Tech,/STEM. my DS won one for AFROTC as a non-tech major.

    Please remember 3 things.
    1. Nobody knows what the pool will look like this year. Typically it remains about the same, but can creep up in stats every year.
    ~ USNA has pulled back in the appointment number from years ago, there is a cap on how many can attend any SA. If USNA goes off and decides to increase the class size, that will impact how many will take the scholarship.

    2. ROTC scholarships are national from a selection point, whereas, SA appointments start at your district/state level 1st.

    3. There are over 2000 HS in the nation. They will request a school profile.
    ~ NavyHopefuls DS had 9 APs, but we don't know if they could have taken them starting as a freshmen, or had to wait until 11th grad. Nor how many the school offers. That changes the perspective compared to the kid who has 5, and took all 5.
    ~ Same is true for the cgpa. 4.2 is strong, but we don't know out of what weight...4.5, 5.0, 6.0? Is their grade scale a 7 point or 10 point. A 92 on a 10 pt., could still be 3.6 or 4.0. However on the 7 scale it is a B. it could be a 3.2.
    ~ True for class rank too. Top 15% attending a school where 0% go to Ivy, with a 4.2, will look differently than the same rank, but 25% go Ivy. It gives them a snapshot of the true competitive academic rigor from a national aspect.

    IOWS when you are looking at stats, it can give you an idea, bur not much unless you know the school profile too and the pool size, plus also look at the Tier they are applying for.

    I also agree with Navyhopeful, be wise on how you place that selection list, not only from an admissions perspective, but let's assume you get admitted to dream college with the scholarship. My guess would be that 90% of all candidates believe they will commission 4 years later. Yet, many leave after the 1st year because they realize that NROTC is not for them. Can you afford to stay without the scholarship?
    ~ My DDs best friend won an AROTC to VT. She never applied for NROTC. After 1 semester she decided to quit AROTC and applied for an ICSP (in college). She started NROTC as a scholarship recipient the following fall, but meanwhile. Mom and Dad had to pick up that tuition bill for spring semester.
    ~ My DS1s best friend left AFROTC after the 1st year for AROTC.

    Kids walk in believing this is my major, my dream school, my branch. Not everyone walks out 4 years later staying on that exact same path for a multitude of reasons. Plan B does not end with applying for college. The plan B just changes along the way.

    On a whole if you want pure stats, than I would say impo, Navyhopefuls stats are on par. Strong cgpa, rigorous course curriculum, 670+ for each section of the SAT, leadership, sports, and intended major is STEM.
    ~ kinnem and others will correct me, but I believe 85% of all scholarships go to STEM degrees.
    ~~ I do not know for NROTC, but for AFROTC, computer majors can vary between STEM (AFOTC tech) and non-STEM depending on the college requirements for the degree.

    Good luck
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    If my diatribe was not long enough, I forgot to say....

    Every ROTC posters will say 3 things.
    1. You have 0% chance of a scholarship if you do not apply.
    2. NROTC is probably the most competitive ROTC scholarship.
    ~ It has the same rate as all of their sister services, @16-18%, but it has 2 other factors when compared to them
    ~~ AROTC and NROTC share the tied to the cadet and school. NROTC is also tied to the major. 85% go STEM
    ~~ NROTC and AFROTC both give 80-85% to STEM, but AFROTC is not tied to the school, just to the major. That means the NROTC applicant has to match the major and school.
    3. Walk on with no scholarship is the majority of ROTC students.
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    DS did not get the NROTC scholarship, was waitlisted for USNA, received AFROTC type 7, and won appointment to USAFA (where he is now). He had good stats :
    700 M 680 E
    4.0 UW
    9 Varsity Letters in 3'sports- team captain in 2
    All State in 1, All Region in other 2
    Boys State
    Great interview and was up for the ISR scholarship...long story but he had a recruiter that completely messed up this process.

    Was disappointed at first but loves USAFA and Colorado.

    I suppose my point is that so much goes into the selection process and it is a bit of mystery as to why some kids get 1 and not the others.

    Good Luck.
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    NROTC and USNA use a score sheet. Hitting the minimums in all areas is better than maxing out in one and not being well rounded. Example, unless you are Einstein, then great grades are not going to get you in unless you have leadership, athletics, and extra-curricula activities. If you have applied to USNA then you understand what I am saying. The more check marks the higher your overall score. Then it comes down to officer interviews, Summer Sessions, Recommendations from Teachers, Officers and others that can attest to your abilities and suitability to serve.
    Q. Why do you want to be a Naval Officer? A. I want to be a sniper. Response. Sorry Officers don't snipe, they lead, go enlist. This is a real scenario.

    How bad do you want to serve? This should be clear in your essay. Squeaky wheel gets the grease (I'm not sure what this would translate to in the digital age). Contact the recruiter, contact the Petty Officer that is building your file. Be relentless. What sucks is that you need to start the process when you are 12 and not many know what they want at that age and stick with it. Not sure what separated my DS from others. He was above average in some areas and average in others, but was hitting on all cylinders. Lots of check marks, great attitude, great character references. He applied Tier 1 and received a 4-yr NROTC Scholarship.
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    DS was awarded a 4 Year MO NROTC Scholarship with
    3.7 GPA with IB courses
    1760 SAT
    4 Year Varsity Lacrosse starter with all conference, all-state and national awards, recruited to play at same school scholarship was given
    Varsity Wrestling and Football
    Student Body President with 150+ hours of community service
    Club President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and multiple other clubs
    1st Class PFT score
    Jr Lifeguard Certification
    Majoring in Mass Communication.

    It isn't always the highest GPA's and Test Scores that get the scholarship, the military (MO especially) look for potential future leaders more than anything. Keep that in mind
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