Summer Assignments


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Oct 10, 2007
I know that AFA's summer is nine weeks long, divided into three 3-week periods. All the 4*'s do Global Engagement, correct? Can someone give a good description of GE?

My sons got Jump about which they are very happy, and their mother is nervous (but not saying anything to THEM!). Are there limited slots for Jump and Soar?
The summer assignment is not final as of yet. It will go through the system 2-3 more times. A few things go into the summer assignment, GPA, MPA etc. or just flat out no more slots left.
Do you know how many slots are available for each assignment? I would think that for both JUMP and SOAR, there would be limited openings, especially SOAR.
As a parent last year I was surprised by how popular jump was - we certainly didn't anticipate that on the way in. Certain periods during the summer they have also opened jump to ROTC.
IIRC, it was something like 60 people per go in jump (360 people total). Little less for soaring.
3*s Fencersmother :wink:

I remember jump slots being somewhere short of 400, sor 360 sounds about right.
...I had the...privilage...of Space 251. :rolleyes: Although I did get to arm the circuits for an ICBM and had a lot of free time, lol.
My son called today. He got his summer schedule. 1st period, CST; 2nd period, Vacation/leave; 3rd period, Soar. He seems happy. later... mike.....