Swing Dance at Kings Point?

Good Morning Everyone,

I was wondering if Kings Point has a Swing Dance club or not? I am aware that the Naval Academy has one (my friend is a midshipman there and helps to lead it) but I was thinking about bringing a swing dance club to USMMA if they dont already have one. For those of you who don't know I have been doing swing dancing for about three years and I would like to continue it at USMMA.


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Yes, there is a swing dance club at Kings Point. My DD goes whenever she has time and says it's a lot of fun. I am sure they would love to have more good dancers.


none of the academies have a dance team for football and bb games. I think USAFA has one? showing a little skin is unbecoming an officer??
I am sorry, but you do not go to USMMA for the extracurricular activities...you go to become a professional mariner, earn a college degree and apply for, and if offered, accept a reserve commission....all the other stuff, while there in attendance, is a distractor on the path towards graduation, away to get out of regimental BS, or method to get off campus (especially if your parents home is not nearby).

For example, the guy in the room next to me at indoc choose USMMA because it was "music" school due to the band (we were not band conpany). Thus, he quickly disenrolled.


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Extracurricular activity choices are not a reason to select Kings Point. However, they are a method to develop friendships with upper classman and to keep your sanity while there. Plebes who are active in activities they enjoy are generally happier than those who do nothing but study.


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Back in my day, extracurricular activities are what got me through the place. The Rugby Club was a great way to keep in shape and build relationships with other classes. Fine Arts Club for getting transportation to various concerts and similar. . . Outdoorsman Club for transportation and food for canoe trips. Not sure if they are so liberal these days, but it sure worked back then.