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    What is the lowest known ACT/SAT score that a candidate received, that any academy has appointed? Not including the prep-schools.
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    That answer impo is not as black and white as you may think it is due to the appointment system, i.e. ACT/SAT is only a portion of the PAR, that cadet might have a 24 ACT, but had a very high cgpa from a rigorous HS, and was a recruited athlete, or they might have moved from another country when they were 15 and English is not their 1st language, but they are getting there with time. However, if you want to look at it from a black and white perspective, the USAFA website says, or at least use to say....anyone with a 24 E or 490 CR SAT will be deemed non-competitive in MOST cases.
    ~ They even know there are exceptions to the rule.

    I wish you the best, but I think you need to really understand the appointment process when you ask that question which includes getting a nomination. A 28 maybe common for one congressman to earn a nomination, whereas for another a 28 wouldn't even let you make the cut for an interview. This is one of the reasons why you read so many threads discussing what states/areas are considered "competitive"
    ~ IE in Fairfax county VA, the avg SAT for them is@ 1350 out of 1600. That is the avg, in simplistic terms what they are saying is 1100 is very low for that school district. No. VA is very competitive. The MoCs are known to talk, and that means they only give 1 nomination between the 3 of the sources. The Senators are known to have over 700 applicants for a nomination. A slate can only have 10 names, multiply that by the 4 SAs that require noms, and your chances are @5% of getting a nom. from a Senator, or just over 10% if you double it for both Sens.

    As you can see that is why if anyone says well my roommate at USAFA got an appointment with a 24 ACT it really means absolutely nothing to you unless you know every fact about that cadet...their cgpa, recruited/diversity, what state, etc.

    If you have a low ACT than try the SAT. Keep taking it as often as you can afford to since they superscore. JMPO, I would stay away from that what is the lowest and aim for what is the avg at the very least. I believe USAFA ACT avg is @30 or 31. I am not saying that should be your target, a 36 should be your target, but I would think that with only a few more ACTs left for this yrs applicants, going from a 26 or 27 to a 36 is not realistic, but going up to a 30 should be doable.
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    Something else to remember too is: Looking at the "Minimum Required" in ANY PART of the application process, is futile. Mainly because, there is a limited number of slots available to the academy each year, and those who receive those slots, are WAY ABOVE THE MINIMUM.

    AVERAGE ACT score is 30
    AVERAGE GPA is 3.87

    Obviously, AVERAGE means there are SOME who have lower scores. But I can assure you that the person with that lower score, who received an appointment, had one or MORE of the following on their side.

    1. If GPA or ACT/SAT was lower, it was at least meeting the minimum, and the OTHER was MUCH HIGHER. E.g. 3.4 gpa, but a 35 ACT. or 28 ACT and 4.0 gpa in IB or ALL AP classes, and ranked #1 in a very college bound competitive school.
    2. They have a LOT of athletics and leadership skills going for them; probably a recruited athlete; with an otherwise very competitive application.
    3. The state representative/senator gave the individual a PRINCIPAL nomination. If so, as long as the individual is qualified and meets the minimum requirements, the academy MUST APPOINT THEM. The academy has NO SAY SO in the matter. They MUST give that individual the appointment. (Mind you, MOST MOC's do NOT give Principal nominations. They provide a competitive slate of 10 names to the academy, and they ALLOW the academy to choose one. But the MOC does have the option of giving a PRINCIPAL, which says; "THIS IS MY #1, and you MUST TAKE THEM")
    4. You come from a district that has very few applicants; (Yes, there are many districts like this where military academies, and the military in general is not really sought after). If you are the best of the nominations for that representative, the academy will choose you. The academy MUST take at least 1 person from that list. If the nomination are RANKED, with the PRINCIPAL labeled, the academy has no choice; but if it's an open list for the academy to choose from, and the BEST, most qualified applicant has a 3.5 gpa, 26 ACT, then the academy WILL choose them. They MUST take at least one person from every nomination list; assuming at least one person IS QUALIFIED.

    Bottom line. Please don't ask what the MINIMUM STANDARDS ARE. Why?
    1. The overwhelming of appointees are so far ABOVE the minimum standards, that those standards are almost irrelevant.
    2. Because of the reasons above, you never know if you'll get an appointment or not unless you apply and try. So trying to decide whether or not you should apply, because you're trying to gauge your chances, is useless. Just apply and find out. It's not like it costs anything.
    3. You should ALWAYS be trying to DO YOUR BEST. Your GOAL on the act or sat is a 36 and 800 respectfully on each test. Your GOAL in class, should be a 4.0 gpa in every class, every semester. Doesn't mean you'll always get that, but that should be your goal.
    4. If you even THINK in the back of your mind, (NOT SAYING YOU DO), that making the minimum standards is "GOOD ENOUGH", then I can promise you that you probably aren't meant for the military academies and probably would not succeed there. The whole concept and attitude of the academies is to go above and beyond your limitations. (Again; not saying you think this way).

    If you don't follow my posts, realize that I write so that ALL PEOPLE reading these posts can apply it to their lives. NOT just to person who wrote the original post in the thread. There may be SOME out there, who are trying to just meet the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS.

    best of luck
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    I think the reason why some ask for the lowest scores of who got appointed is to know that there is hope for them, DS or DD and that it could actually happen. Most students want to get 4.0/1800 but most fall short despite their best efforts. My DS applied with numbers below the mean but USAFA deemed him competitive and is a currently a candidate. There are some out there who prevail outside the norm. As long as you have a chance or ticket, you're in the game. A win would be sweet and if it's the other way around, just be thankful you had the opportunity to compete.
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