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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Chockstock, May 30, 2014.

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    I'd like to extend a word of thanks on SAF for the help and advice (especially from the start). Looks like I made my account 5 years ago and I know I asked some real annoying questions back then so thanks for the patience and professionalism. School kept me busy but I sometimes browsed casually and laughed at some of the stuff that some people put up. I know there are decades of combined service to the Nation among the users here so thank you for that as well. I was shocked to find myself weeping as I repeated the oath of office during graduation. West Point was awesome and I loved it. I'm grateful for the opportunity. Food could be better...but the people made up for it hundreds of times over! Real earnest but nervous to start my job. Unbelievable that I'm not a cadet anymore and daunting that I have to take my life and career into my own hands.

    I ended up branching MPs (yes, I can take another donut or speeding ticket joke - my friends were relentless) and its back to reality. Gotta start running again for BOLC and beyond...

    Thanks again and best wishes! I'll stick around.

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    Congratulations, 2LT ! :thumb:
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    Congrats and well done, 2LT. Now, keep up the good work.
    And thanks for thinking to stay on the forum. Words from guys/gals like you are often more meaningful to the up and coming than what old guys have to say.
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    Good luck LT. Crossed Pistols is a tough branch. Nobody likes the cops! Take care of the troops and success in your career and future.
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    Congratulations 2LT, best of luck to you.

    I had a few encounters with MP's in my time, they caught the guy that was stealing money from guys on base, finally caught the guy that would ride his Harley at full throttle past the barracks at 0300 and wake everyone up, arrested a dirtbag rapist. Always respected the job you guys do, ok they did give me a ticket once but in their defense I was speeding.

    Good luck in your new career.

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