Thanks to all


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Aug 24, 2006
Well, our son signed on the line yesterday while we were at the USMMA open house. Thanks to all on this forum.
I have enjoyed reading and learning from the posts on this site. It was an adventurous year!!! LOA's, waivers, nomination hiccups, and of course waiting. Now that I can look back, the process was rewarding for our son and for us parents. Young people aspiring to attend SA’s are amazing and the best this country has to offer. In our son’s case he wanted USNA in the worst way. He applied to all three sea service academies and we all rode the ride. We prayed about it all year. Eye waivers or (lack of) ended up being the issue that denied our son USNA. The options and especially the chance to still go Navy made the USMMA an easy decision for our son. He waited a month to sign just so mom could get used to the idea of commitment…

Thanks again especially to Jamzmom, KP2001, RetNavyHM, USNA69, Zaphod and the SA Mids who posted here. I have been reading your posts on this forum (and the “other one”) for the past year. Your insights, suggestions, stories, shared experiences and PM’s were all a great help. You folks are the best! God’s Blessings to you.
Don't thank us.

Thank your son for us for choosing to serve. :smile:
Congratulations to your son and best of luck on what is to become the wildest, craziest adventure you could ever imagine. Welcome to the KP family.
Wow! Huge congrats! The fun is just beginning. I know how very proud you are of him. Hope you'll let us share some of that with you. KP is an amazing place and as time goes on, you'll learn so many things you didn't know about it. I'm with KP2001 in saying welcome to the KP family. Best wishes!!

I'm a "newbie" mom also. Although my son signed in January so I'm more used to it now. Guess our boys will be classmates. Now is the time to make your hotel reservations for Indoc and Parents weekend!
My God, the jamzgestapo is going to take over the forum. Congratualtions all.