The Acronym List

What is MOC?
Member of Congress - used in context with nominations (mostly). Your candidate will apply for a nom from your MOC (aka local congressman/woman). Some MOC have an in-person interview. Some members of the forum sit on that MOC Board that interviews candidates.
Member of Congress - used in context with nominations (mostly). Your candidate will apply for a nom from your MOC (aka local congressman/woman). Some MOC have an in-person interview. Some members of the forum sit on that MOC Board that interviews candidates.

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Used to plan an action

"B" = Begin the plan, "A" = Arrange for recon, "M" = Make recon, "C" = Complete the plan, "I" = Issue the order, "S" = Supervise


Used to remember the parts of a five-paragraph Order

"S" = Situation, "M" = Mission, "E" = Execution, "A" = Administration, "C" = Command

You may wish to add WPR=Written Partial Review or a mid-term test taken in class. Not sure if this is just a West Point acronym
Just learned: PTR - Permit to Report (USNA)
SES - Senior Executive Service - civilian executive management - highest positions within the Government that are not appointed. Equivalent of a flag officer in the military as far as rank structure.

Only suggesting this as civil servants are often behind a lot of policy, and the SES groups are in charge of all that.
1/C – 1st Classman or Senior
2/C – 2nd Classman or junior
3/C – 3rd Classman or sophomore
3Q – Triple Qualified - Informal term for being qualified physically (CFA), academically (GPA and test scores), and medically (DoDMERB)
4/C – 4th Classman or freshman
A&F – Accounting and Finance
ABCT – Armored Brigade Combat Team (Army)
ABM – Air Battle Manager
ABU – Airman Battle Uniform (USAF)
AAP – Academy Admissions Partner (USCGA)
AAR – After Action Review
AC – Active Component
ACC – Air Combat Command
ACER – Advanced Camp Evaluation Report (Army ROTC)
ACFT – Army Combat Fitness Test (formerly ACRT)
ACR – Armored Cavalry Regiment (Army)
ACRT – Army Combat Readiness Test (changed to ACFT)
ACU – Army Combat Uniform
A–day – Acceptance Day (USMA)
AD – Active Duty
ADAF – Active Duty Air Force
AD/DS or AD/DW – Active Duty Dependent Spouse or Active Duty/Dependent Wife
ADO – Assistant Director of Operations
ADSC – Active Duty Service Commitment
ADSO – Active Duty Service Obligation
Advanced Camp – (formerly LDAC) Mandatory Army training for AROTC conducted the summer before commissioning.
AEDO – Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer (Navy)
AETC/SGPS – Air Education & Training Command / Surgeon General-Physical Standards - (Waiver authority for AFROTC)
AFA – Applicant Fitness Assessment (NROTC)
AFAST – Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test (Army - replaced by SIFT)
AFB – Air Force Base
AFCEC – Air Force Civil Engineer Center
AFI – Air Force Instruction (A general order)
AFIT – Air Force Institute of Technology
AFOQT – Air Force Officer Qualifying Test
AFROTC – Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
AFSC – Air Force Specialty Code
AFSPC – Air Force Space Command
Aft – Rear of a Ship
AI – Additional Instruction
AIAD – Academic Individual Advanced Development
AIM – Academy Introduction Mission
AIT – Advanced Individual Training (Army)
ALO – Admissions Liaison Officer (USAFA)
ALO – Air Liaison Officer -- calls in air strikes for the Army via AF
AMA – "Ask me anything"
AMI – Additional Medical Information (DoDMERB - Formerly a "remedial")
AMS – Academy of Military Science
ANG – Army National Guard
AOC – Air Officers Commanding (USAFA)
AOG – Association Of Graduates
AOM – Academic Order of Merit (USNA)
AOTC – American Opportunity Tax Credit
APFT – Army Physical Fitness Test
ARC – Army Reconnaissance Course
ARI– Alcohol Related Incident
AROTC – Army Reserve Officer Training Corps
ASR – Alternative Scholarship Reservation (NJROTC)
ASTB – Aviation Selection Test Battery (Navy, Marines, Coast Guard)
ASU – Army Service Uniform
ASVAB – Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (enlisted)
AY – Academic Year
BAC – Base Administration Center
BAH – Basic Allowance for Housing
Basic Camp – AROTC summer training for those cadets who joined AROTC late in freshman or sophomore year.
BCT – Basic Cadet Training (USAFA)
BCT – Brigade Combat Team (Army)
BDE – Brigade (Army)
BDE – Below Deck Equipment (Navy/CG)
Beast – Beast Barracks or USMA’s Cadet Basic Training
BFE – Big Fat envelope (usually an acceptance/appointment package)
BGO – Blue Gold Officer (USNA)
BLUF – Bottom Line Up Front (close relative of KISS)
BMC – Branch Medical Clinic
BOLC – Basic Officer Leader Course (Army - Formerly called OBC - pronounced boh-lick)
BOQ/VOQ – Bachelor Officer's Quarters/Visiting Officer's Quarter
Bow – Front of a ship
BRADSO – Branch of Choice Program, adding years to ADSO in exchange for branch (Army)
Bright-work – anything shiny, generally needs to be polished daily
BRM – Basic Rifle Marksmanship
BRS – Blended Retirement System
BUDS – Basic Underwater Demolitions School
Bulkhead – Wall
BUMED – Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
BZ/IBZ/ABZ – Below Zone/In/Above --- promotions
BZ – Bravo Zulu; a compliment meaning "well done"
C-number – cargo/transport i.e 5, 130
CAB – Combat Action Badge (Army - for non-infantry)
CAC – Common Access Card (DoD identification card)
Cadet – A Student who is attending USMA, USMAPS, USAFA, USCGA, AROTC or AFROTC
CAS – Close Air Support
CBEF – Cadet Background and Experiences questionnaire (AROTC)
CBRN – Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear defense
CBT – Cadet Basic Training
CC – Commander of the squadron
CC – Cadet Candidate at USMAPS (West Point Prep)
CCBT – Cadet Candidate Basic Training
CCEB – Cadet Candidate Evaluation Board
CCFA – Cadet Command Fitness Assessment (Army ROTC)
CCIMS – Cadet Command Information Management System
CDO – Command Duty Officer
CE – Conditional Event
CFA – Candidate Fitness Assessment (Service Academies)
CFAD – Cadet for a day (USCGA campus visitation program)
CFS – Candidate Fitness Score
CFT – Cadet Field Training
CGAS – Coast Guard Academy Scholars program
CGO – Candidate Guidance Office (Admissions Office)
CI – Civil Involvement (AFROTC)
CIB – Combat Infantryman Badge (Army)
CIET – Cadet Initial Entry Training (summer training for AROTC cadets, usually taken after completing the MS-I year - Now called "Basic Camp")
CIS – Cadet Information System (USNA)
CIV Team – Third party contractor that works with DoDMERB in scheduling and processing medical examinations (formerly handled by Concorde)
CLDT – Cadet Leader Development Training
CNO – Chief of Naval Operations
CNRC – Commander, Navy Recruiting Command
CO – Commanding Officer (not used in the Air Force)
COC – Chain of Command
COLA – Cost of Living Allowance
Company grade – O-1 to O-3
Component – Term used to describe Active Duty or Reserves/National Guard (Army ROTC)
Concorde – Former government contractor assigned by DoDMERB to process the medical exam for SA and ROTC candidates (Now CIV Team)
CONUS – Continental United States
COR – Cadet Observation Report
CORTRAMID – Career Orientation and Training, Midshipmen (For 3/C Mids)
COT – Commissioned Officer Training
Cow – Junior at USMA
CPR – Complete Pending Review
CRS – Corneal Refractive Surgery
CSB – College Scholarship Branch (DoDMERB)
CSO – Combat Systems Officer
CTA – Cadet Training Assistant (USAF)
CTLT – Cadet Troop Leadership Training
CTO – Company Training Officer
CULP – Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency
CV – Curriculum Vitae
CVW – Candidate Visitation Weekend
CWO – Chief Warrant Officer
CWSA – Combat Water Survival Assessment
CWST – Combat Water Survival Test
DANT – Commandant
DD – Dear daughter
Deck – Floor
DEP – Delayed Entry Program
DEERS – Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
DFAS – Defense Finance and Accounting Services
DG – Distinguished Graduate
DGD – Dear Granddaughter
DGS – Dear Grandson
DHS – Department of Homeland Security
DITY – Do it yourself [move] (deprecated, now PPM)
DLA – Dislocation Allowance - paycheck you get for moving
DMG – Distinguished Military Graduate
DNP – Do Not Promote
DO – Deputy Ops
DOD – Department of Defense
DoDMERB – Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (The agency)
DoDMETS –Department of Defense Medical Exam Testing System (The online system)
DOR – Drop on Request (i.e., quit) or Date of Rank
DOT – Department of Transportation
DP – Definitely Promote
DPS – Department of Public Safety
DQ – Disqualified (usually referencing DoDMERB)
Dream Sheet/Form 90 – Your wish list submitted for next assignment
DS – Dear son/Dear spouse
DWO – Deck Watch Officer
E – anything --- electronic - EA 6
EA – Early Action admissions
EA – Enrollment Allocation (AFROTC)
EAS – End of Active Service
ECA – Extracurricular activity
ECP – [ROTC] Early Commissioning Program (Army only as of Jan 2017)
EDO – Engineering Duty Officer (Navy)
EGA – Eagle Globe and Anchor
EIB – Expert Infantryman Badge (Army)
El Cid – Nickname for The Citadel
ENJJPT – Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program
EOD – Explosive Ordnance Disposal
EOIT – Engineering Officer in Training
EP – Emergency Procedure
EQ – Exceptionally Qualified (grading system)
EQIP – Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing
ETS – Expiration - Term of Service
EWO – Electronic Warfare Officer
F – anything --- fighters i.e. F-15, 16, 22, 35, etc
FAIP – First Assignment Instructor Pilot (USAF)
FAO – Foreign Area Officer
FEB – Flight Evaluation Board
FFR – Field Force Representative (USMA)
Field Grade – O-4 to O-6
Firstie – Senior
Fish – Freshman at Texas A&M
FIST – Fire Support Team
Flag – Generals and above
Flight Deck – Top Floor
FNG – Friggin New Guy/Gal
FOGO – Flag Officer/General Officer
FR&W – Formal Room & Wing Inspection
FS – Fighter Squadron
FSO – Fire Support Officer
FTP – Field Training Preparation (AFROTC)
FTU – Fighter Training Unit
FTX – Field Training Exercise (AROTC)
FVE – Falcon Visitation Experience
FW – Fighter Wing
FYSA – For Your Situational Awareness
GIB – Guy in Back = WSO/RIO
GLP – Group Leadership Project or Group Leadership Problem (AFROTC)
GMC – General Military Course (AFROTC)
Goat – The West Point cadet finishing at the bottom rank of the class
GOMOR – General Officer Memorandum (or letter) of Reprimand
Gouge – Informal information channel; the "grapevine" (Navy, CG slang)
GRFD – Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (Army)
GTTC – Government Travel Charge Card (Sometimes abbreviated as GTC)
HBCT – Heavy Brigade Combat Team
HBCU – Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Head – Bathroom
HQ – Head Quarters
HSSP – High School Scholarship Program (AFROTC)
HYPSM – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT
I-Day – USNA Induction Day
IC – intercollegiate [athlete]
ICSP – In-College Scholarship Program (AFROTC)
ICV – Infantry Carrier Vehicle (e.g. Stryker)
IDC – Independent Duty Corpsman (Navy)
IERW – Initial Entry Rotary Wing Training
IFS – Initial Flight Screening
IFV – Infantry Fighting Vehicle (e.g. Bradley)
IHWC – Improved Hot Weather Combat (U.S. Army tropical uniform)
IMA – Individual Mobilization Augmentee (Army Reserves)
IME – Initial Medical Examination (DoDMERB)
IMHO – In my humble opinion
Indoc – USMMA Induction
IOBC – Infantry Officer Basic Course (Army) - Now renamed IBOLC (Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course)
IOC – Infantry Officer Course (USMC)
IOCT – Indoor obstacle course test
IOTC – Indoor Obstacle Training Course
IP/IWSO – Instructor Pilot/WSO
IRR – Individual Ready Reserve (Army)
ISR – Immediate Scholarship Reservation
IST – Infantry Skills Team
IT – Incentive Training, inspirational Training, Punishment PT
JAG – Judge advocate general
JFTC – Joint Force Training Center
JIATF – Joint Interagency Task Force
JPME – Joint PME
JROTC – Junior Reserve Officer training Corps
JRTC – Joint Readiness Training Center (Army)
JSOTF – JT Special Operations Task Force
JTAC – Joint Terminal Attack Controller
JTF – Jt Task Force
JUCO – Junior College or Community College
Kings Point – United States Merchant Marine Academy
Knob – Freshman at The Citadel
Ladder well – Stairs
LDAC – AROTC, Leader Development and Assessment Course (Now called "Advanced Camp")
LDO – Limited Duty Officer, someone commissioned in the Navy having technical expertise in their field, not eligible for command
LDX – Leadership Development Exercise (AROTC)
LE – Law Enforcement
LEAD program – Leaders Encouraging Airman Development – USAF Program which delegates authority to Unit Commanders to nominate enlisted airmen to attend USAFA or the Prep School.
LES – Leave/Earning Statement -- paycheck
LMO – Last Military Obligation
LOA – Letter of Assurance
LOD – Line of Duty
LOE – Letter of Encouragement (USMA)
MAGTF – Marine Air-Ground Task Force (pronounced MAG-TAF)
Main Deck – Bottom Floor
MALO – USMA Military Academy Liaison Officer
MARAD – Maritime Administration
MEPS – Military Entrance Processing Station (enlisted)
MGS – Mobile Gun System
MIAD – Military Individual Advanced Development
MID/MIDN – Midshipman
Midshipman – A student training to be a commissioned officer at either the USNA, USMMA, or in NROTC
MMA – Massachusetts Maritime Academy
MMI – Marion Military Institute
MO – Movement Order (USNA); Marine Option (NROTC)
MOC – Member of Congress
MOH – Medal of Honor
MOI – Marine Officer Instructor
MOS – Military Occupational Specialty
MPC – Military Personnel Center (for the AF where your assignment comes from)
MRP – Medical Rehabilitation Platoon
MSC – Military Sealift Command
MSISR – Minority Serving Institution Scholarship Reservation
MSSQ – Mission Support Squadron
Mustang – An officer in the Naval service that served generally more that 4 years as an enlisted person
NAMI – Naval Aerospace Medicine Institute
NAPS – Naval Academy Preparatory School
NAS – Naval Air Station
NASS – Naval Academy Summer Seminar
NCO – Non Commissioned Officer
New Cadet – USMA cadet during Beast, on A-day they become a cadet
NG – National Guard
NIFT – Navigator Introductory Flight Training
NJP – Non-judicial punishment
NMMI – New Mexico Military Institute
NPQ – Not Physically Qualified (DoDMERB)
NPS - Naval Postgraduate School
NROTC – Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps
NROTC (MO) – Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps (Marine Option)
NSI – New Student Indoctrination (NROTC)
NSO – New Student Orientation (NROTC)
NSW – Naval Special Warfare
nULL – Freshman in the VWIL program at Mary Baldwin College
NWL – National Waiting List
NWU – Navy Working Uniform
OAR – Officer Aptitude Rating (Navy)
OCC – USMC Officers Candidates Course
OCONUS – Outside Continental United States
OCP – Operational Camouflage Pattern (Army)
OCS – Officer Candidate School
ODU – Operational Dress Uniform
OER/OPR – Officer Evaluation Review or Performance
OG – Old Grad (West Point alumnus)
OGC – Office of General Counsel
OIC – Officer in Charge
OML – Order of Merit List
OOS – Out of state
OPAT – Occupational Physical Assessment Test (Army)
OQT – Officer Qualifying Test
OP – Original Poster, the person who started a thread on the forum
OPFOR – Opposing Force (usually in simulations)
OPTEMPO – Operating Tempo or Operations Tempo
ORM – Operational Risk Management
OSO – Officer Selection Officer (Marine Corps)
OSUT – One Station Unit Training (Army) combining basic and AIT into one session
OTS – Officer Training School (USAF)
P – Promote
PA – Public Affairs
PACAF – Pacific Air Force
PAI – Personal Appearance Inspection
Passageway – (P-Way) Hallway
PCP – Physical Conditioning Platoon
PCQ – Pre-Candidate Questionnaire (USAFA)
PCS – Permanent Change of Station
PDA – Public Display of Affection
PEP – Performance Enhancement Program
PFA – Physical Fitness Assessment (USAF)
PFE – Physical Fitness Exam (USCG)
PFT – Physical Fitness Test (USMC or US Army)
PI – Personnel Inspection
PIAD – Physical Individual Advanced Development
PJOC – Pararescue and Survival Orientation Course (Civil Air Patrol)
PKT – Plebe Knowledge Test
PLC – USMC Platoon Leaders Course
PLT – Platoon
Plebe – A freshman student at either USMA, USNA, or USMMA
PME – Professional Military Education
PMP – Permanent Military Professor (USNA)
PMS – Professor of Military Science
PNS – Professor of Naval Science
POC – Professional Officer Course (AFROTC) or "point of contact"
POG – "Person other than grunt" refers to non infantry/non combat Soldiers and Marines
Port – Left hand side of a ship when facing the bow
POV – Privately Owned Vehicle
PPM – Personally Procured Move (formerly DITY)
PPQ – Potentially Pilot Qualified
PPW – Plebe Parent Weekend
PRB – Performance Review Board
Prep School – USAFA Preparatory School
PRIME BEEF - Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force - Air Force Primary Civil Engineer Forces
PRT – Physical Readiness Test (Navy)
PSEO – Post Secondary Enrollment Options (earning college credit while in high school)
PT – Physical Training
PTR – Permit to Report (USNA - report instructions for Plebe Summer)
PTRP – Physical Training and Rehabilitation Program (Army)
P-Way or Passageway – Hallway
QMED – Qualified Member of the Engineering Department
QNS – Qualified not selected
QNV – Qualified no vacancy
RA – Regular Admissions (USCGA)
RABS – Recommendations of the Admissions Board (USNA)
RAO – Regional Affairs Officer
Rack – Bed
RAP week – Ranger Assessment Phase (First four days of Ranger School)
RASP – Ranger Assessment and Selection Program
RAT – A Freshman at VMI
Rat mass – The entire freshman class at VMI
Ratline – Freshman induction at VMI
RC – Regional Commander
RC – Reserve Component
RCOT – Reserve Commissioned Officer Training
RD – Regional Admissions Director
R-Day – USMA Reception Day and Reporting in day at USCGA.
RECONDO – Reconnaissance Commando Badge (Army)
RED HORSE – Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer - Air Force Expeditionary Civil Engineering Forces
RFD – Referred for Disenrollment
RHIP – Rank Has Its Privileges
RIF – Reduction in Force - comparable to a layoff
RIO – Radio Intercept Officer = WSO
RIP/TOA – Relief in Place/Transfer of Authority
RL – Restricted Line (Navy)
ROCI – Reserve Officer Candidate Indoctrination
ROM – Restriction of Movement
ROO – Recruiting Operations Officer (AROTC)
ROTC – Reserve Officer Training Corps
RPA – Remote Piloted Aircraft or Ranger Physical Assessment
RTO – Regimental Training Officer
RTOA – Regimental Training officer Assistant
RTU – Replacement Training Unit
SA – Service Academy
SAMI – Saturday AM Inspection
SAP – Study Abroad Program
SAR – Search and Rescue
Scuttlebutt – water fountain or gossip
SDVET – Service Disabled Veteran
Seabee/CB - Navy Construction Battalion (Navy Civil Engineers)
SEAL – SEa Air Land (Navy Special Forces)
SERB – Selective Early Retirement Board
SERE – Survival Evasion Resistance Escape training
SF – US Army Special Forces or US Space Force
SFROTC – Space Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
SFT – Summer Field Training (AFROTC)
Shack – Direct hit on target (e.g., bullseye)
SIFT – Selection Instrument for Flight Training (Army)
SLCDA – Summer Leadership and Character Development Academy (USMC)
SLE – Summer Leaders Experience (West Point)
SMC – Senior Military College (Norwich, VMI, Virginia Tech, Texas A & M, University of North Georgia, The Citadel)
SMP – Simultaneous Membership Program (ANG)
SNCO – Senior Non-Commissioned Officer
SOE – School Official Evaluation
SOF – special operations forces (various branches)
SOS – Squadron Officer School (USAF)
South Com – Southern Command
SQ3R – Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review
SQD – Squad
SRO – Senior Rating Official
Starboard – Right hand side of a ship when facing the bow
STEM– Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
STX – Situational Training Exercise (Army)
SUNT – Specialized Undergraduate Navigator Training
Supe – Superintendent
SUPT – Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
Swab – USCGA Freshman (4th class Cadet)
SWO – Surface Warfare Officer (Navy)
TA – Tuition Assistance (Army)
TAB – Talent Assessment Battery (Army)
TACP – Tactical Air Control Party
TAD – Temporary Assigned Duty
TATTOO – CTO training time with plebes
TBS – The Basic School (USMC)
TDY – Temporary Duty Assignment
TEE – Term End Exam
TEMDU - Temporary Duty
TemDUINS – Temporary Duty Under INStruction
TFOT – Total Force Officer Training
TIS – Time in Service
TLA – Temporary Living Allowance (subsidy for living in a hotel when you PCS)
TLQ – Temporary Living Quarters (hotel/housing on base while you receive TLA)
TM – Team Movement
TMO – Transportation Movement Office (your movers)
TPS – Test Pilot School (Navy)
TPU – Troop Program Unit (Army Reserves)
TRADOC – United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
TS/SCI –Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information
TSP – Thrift Savings Plan (A retirement plan similar to a 401k but for Federal Employees)
TWE – Thin White Envelope (usually a rejection letter)
UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or "drone"
UCMJ – Uniform Code of Military justice
UNT – Undergraduate Navigator Training
UPT – Undergraduate Pilot Training
URL – Unrestricted Line (Navy)
USA – United States Army
USACC – United States Army Cadet Command
USACE – US Army Corps of Engineers
USAF – United States Air Force
USAFA – United States Air Force Academy
USAFASS – United States Air Force Academy Summer Seminar
USAREC – U.S. Army Recruiting Command
USCG – United States Coast Guard
USCGA – United States Coast Guard Academy
USMA – United States Military Academy
USMAPS – United States Military Academy Preparatory School
USMC – United States Marine Corps
USMMA – United States Merchant Marine Academy
USN – United States Navy
USNA – United States Naval Academy
USNS – United States Naval Ship (non-commissioned but owned by the US Navy)
USS – United States Ship (commissioned by the US Navy)
USSF – United States Space Force
UXO – Unexploded Ordnance
VMI – Virginia Military institute
VWIL – Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership at Mary Baldwin College
Wardroom – Officers mess or cafeteria
WCS – Whole Candidate Score
WIC – Weapons Instructor Course - Nellis for AF
Wing King – Commander of the Wing
WA – Waiver Authority (DoDMERB)
WO – Warrant Officer
WP – West Point or USMA
WPM – Whole Person Multiple (USNA)
WPR – Written Partial Review (USMA midterm exams)
WSO – Weapon System Officer
XO – Executive Officer
Yearling – A Sophomore (at USMA)
Youngster – A Sophomore (at USNA)
YMMV – Your mileage may vary (internet slang)
YP – Yard Patrol Craft, a small USNA training ship
Yuk – slang for yearling or sophomore (At USMA)
Zero Deck – Basement

Thanks to all who contributed to the original thread.This acronym list is fantastic, as a new Mishipman candidate (MC) mom (whose son is at NSI 3 right now) this is great, thank you!
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The listing for Zero Deck is not correct, at least not at USNA.
Within Bancroft Hall, the "Zero Deck " is the nominal ground floor and more importantly is the lowest inhabited deck which means it is the lowest deck with midshipman rooms. All 8 wings have at least one Basement Level below the Zero Deck and they hold a wide variety of things including Barber shops, the Midshipman Store and many many other things. The basement level does vary above and below actual the outside ground level depending on the wing and 7th wing has two basement levels above outside ground which are below the zero deck.