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Actually it brought the conversation to a place that was good to probe. Blaze there is a book called One Bullet Away that you might want to read. It is about making a Marine Officer, but has some really good insight into the difficulties a young officer will encounter. To often people forget the Air Force is a military service, and it has a tendancy to be veiwed more like a coporate environment. As an Officer in any branch of the Armed Force you have some very special obligations leadership being among the first.
The first question my son's ALO asked him, before the interview even began, was: "Can you drop bombs on civilians, should the AF require this of you?" It was a question we had discussed many times around the dining room table so my son was prepared. For a lot of kids, I think they just think, "I want to fly the jet." They just skip over the part about "fly the jet and drop bombs over cities."
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hi... I don't care if people think im not smart enough, etc, etc... nothing is stopping me. If it was MY CHOICE, id go to USAFA. I love the discipline, the leadership, the integrity. I love everything about it. Rigid enviroment.... get stronger physically and mentally. I was going to join the AF anyway. Do the ROTC program and become a fighter pilot. That was already the plan....
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Well, it is a good goal to have, Harris, but the AF has to think you're smart enough, skilled enough, valuable enough, before they LET you fly the plane.

Still, it is good that the OP is really forming up some good goals for himself. With demonstrated progress and perseverence, he'll do well no matter what field he's in.

Okay...deep's the SHORT SHORT SHORT version:

NOBODY on this board can tell you whether or not you can/will get into USAFA.

You've been given some outstanding advice; believe me, I read all the comments, etc., and they're spot-on. Or in fighter parlance: "they shacked it!"

That being said...the BEST comments I saw are really pointing to: WHY do you want to do this? If it's just to fly fighters, give it up right now. Because the odds are WAAAAY against you.


Because only "X" number of people that get to SUPT actually go on to a fighter assignment. You can be the best grad in the class but if there's no fighter available, you don't get one. Or as many have said: you wash out, you get hurt (drinking party, loss of conciousness, etc...etc...), you PO an IP and they make certain you don't go FAR track: can happen. Then what?

I've had the great fortune to fly both fighters (the amazing Eagle) and heavies (the AS amazing KC-135A/D/E/Q/R/T) and I absolutely loved ALL of it! And I've had to "step out" of the cockpit to take non-flying jobs. Guess what, I loved them too!


Because I wanted to wear the AF blue and to SERVE. What role? Ideally it was as a pilot, but if that didn't work out, I had a LOOOOONG list of backup plans/ideas/career fields I was interested in. The short version: I wanted to serve and to contribute.

As of today (20 Sep 08 I have served 25 years, 3 months, 19 days) and will, sadly, have to take off my uniform on June 1, 2011. Unless congress REALLY screws up and promotes me one more time.:biggrin:

IF you want to serve...and IF you want the AFA, there are ways to "go for it." NONE are guaranteed...

The question I would ask you if you came to me would be: WHY DO YOU WANT TO SERVE? That would be more important to me than what you want to do in the AF.

Okay...not so short version. Sorry...I'm a bit passionate about this!

Be happy to answer ANY questions you have!!!!


Stephen E. Wood, Lt Col, USAFR
Deputy Liaison Officer Director for Arizona