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    Hello, I will be attending the Naval Academy this upcoming year and would like to know what kind of watch I should get. My parents want to buy me a nice one, but I do not know what features I should look for. I have looked at Luminox, Suunto, G-Shock, and numerous other brands. Should I get a digital or analog watch? Would a daily alarm option be helpful? Please feel free to offer any insight/reasons/suggestions. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!:smile:
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    Don't spend a fortune on a prestige watch to wear at your chosen SA; get a good quality, serviceable, non-keepsake watch that you won't feel badly about replacing when it gets crunched by a piece of equipment, slips off your wrist in the mud of the obstacle course, or sinks slowly to the bottom of the Severn when you are sailing. If you do a search you will find this is an annual question, so you can find literally hundreds of responses on both sides of the coin. Personally I made it through with a basic Bulova analog with no problems or anxieties - actually wore it through flight training as well - of course Seiko, Citizen, Luminox, etc, didn't exist, and a decent computer filled a building so it wasn't considered portable.
    Seriously, keep it simple and functional for now, you will have other things to keep you busy. Best wishes to you and your future classmates, the adventure of your life is looming on the horizon - enjoy it and make the most of it!
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    I seem to recall that these days, during PS, plebes don't rate a watch. During Ac Year, something durable is best.
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    Every company is different and every year is different.
    This also does not count sports equipment ...
    Current plebe could not have a watch.
    You will be told this over and over again until I day but there is about nothing you can bring. ( my son walked in with contacts in and he had to throw them in the trash-this really pissed him off so the number one piece of advice I would give is DONT WEAR CONTACTS IN TO IDAY) your plebe will walk in with a small drawstring bag with paperwork. An extra pair or two of compression shorts and a pair of running socks or two. THAT IS IT! They will wear in their semi broken in running shoes. Some people brought dob kits which were immediately thrown in the trash in some companies. Every time my son called I'd ask him over and over what does he need and he'd answer the same thing "nothing but if you need to send something power bars would be ok" Excluding paperwork you plebe can walk in literally empty handed.

    Also now that he is midway through plebe yr i asked about buying him a watch. He said "no need" he knows what time it is at all times. He wanted $$$.

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