Tips to make myself more competitive for USAFA Appointment


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Aug 16, 2022
I'm currently a rising Sophmore aspiring to attend USAFA and earn a pilot slot. I am looking for tips to make myself more competitive over the rest of my high-school career. Are there any classes I should take? Any extracurricular tips? This is something I understand I need to put large amounts of time & dedication into, I want to do everything I can do achieve an appointment.

Last year I got a 3.8 GPA. I did not take any weighted classes.
This year my main classes consist of:
Principles of Comp Sci AP
English 10 Accelerated
World Civilization III Accelerated
Chemistry I
Algebra II
Spanish III

- Sports
Indoor Track - Varsity
Outdoor Track - Junior Varsity

- Student Govt.
Planning to be active in Student Govt. for all 4 years, 1 year down.

- Clubs
My freshman year I was involved in an Armed Forces club for a few months until it was shut down. This year, I plan to join the Community Service & Busking club, as well as start my own club, the Pickleball club.

Just recently joined, I am currently a C/Amn and I plan on reaching at least C/2nd Lt before I graduate.

I may be leaving some things out, not sure. Any tips are appreciated, thank you!
My tip, in general, is to touch base with your academic advisor about your goals. If they are familiar with the SA’s, they may be helpful. If they aren’t? Knowing your goal will help them, help you.

Also make sure you are somone your instructors, coaches, and administrators will want to recommend in the future. IOW, be a leader in and outside your classroom.

You will need to demonstrate leadership. So figure out what that looks like for you. Also make sure you spend time exploring the SA’s website. Lots of info there.

Lastly, attend your nominating sources Academy Open House type events in your area. And get on the mailing list for the SA, to be notified if there is any outreach in your area, as well as their summer events, etc.