Too late for Summer Seminar?


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Jan 11, 2009
I just applied to the Summer Seminar today and know that people have already heard about being accepted. Do you think it is too late to get in? Thanks
Absolutely never too late until applications are no longer available! Good luck!
For what it's worth; when my son applied to the Air Force academy summer seminar; he was trying to figure out his summer. He knew there was a very good chance that he was going to be selected for Boy's State. That week was the same week as the 1st session of Summer Seminar. He also knew that he had football camps he wanted to attend as well as some other things. So he wanted to figure out the possibilities of what he could attend and what he couldn't.

Long story short; the cutoff for summer seminar applications that year; I believe was March 17th. He had his application for summer seminar SUBMITTED on March 10th. He found out the 1st week of April +/- that he was selected for a Summer Seminar slot.

Now; does the summer seminar selection have any similarities with appointments; as in trying to get so many from each state? I don't know. I do know that approximately 10 people applied to summer seminar from our state. (Very low population). Only 2 of those 10 were selected. And my son's application was about as late as possible and still inside the submission period. So to answer your question; NO, it's not too late. Too late is if you submit it past the deadline date. Just like the "Average" academy application doesn't have any advantage being 100% completed and submitted in September than if it was submitted in January. However; for those qualified; submitting early allows you to have early consideration. So, if someone submitted for Summer Seminar the very first day of applications; and they had already taken SAT/ACT and scored very high. And they have an awesome GPA; then chances are they will get a summer seminar slot. But then again, if they were that awesome, they probably would get a summer seminar slot if they applied in February. Whereas the average student might have a better chance submitted earlier because there would be less applications to compare and the academy might want to hand out some early. best of luck. One thing's for sure. If you submit the application, you have a CHANCE of getting it. Even if it's only a 1% chance. But I guarantee you that if you DON'T submit an application, then your chances are 0%. I can guarantee you that. later... mike....
Thanks everybody! I'll let you know what happens.
Also what Christcorp was saying about possible selection based on state; if that is true, are certain states more competitive than others? I'm from PA...
Yes, states like TX, FL, CA, NY, and VA are normally more competative as a whole because of a high military presence. However, that in no way makes other states or congressional districts "easy".
I just applied to the Summer Seminar today and know that people have already heard about being accepted. Do you think it is too late to get in? Thanks

It is NOT too late!

We (ALO's) are being asked to look for more folks...we have until the end of you're NOT too late!!!

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Nah you're just fine. I didn't even know about Summer Seminar until a few days before the application deadline and got in.