Too late to Receive an LOA?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Independence, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Nov 20, 2010
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    Now that appointments are starting to be issued, has West Point admissions ceased issuing LOA's? Or will they continue to selectively award LOA's to highly qualified applicatants that have still not received medical clearance and/or a nomination? Any feedback from those "in the know" would be appreciated.
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    Oct 31, 2008
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    No one knows when WP will stop giving out LOAs except WP.

    That said, I know of a LOA that was given out 3 days ago.
    Last year, I know of one that was given out in February but that candidate did not have his file opened until 3 months prior to that.
    It just depends. Every year is different.
    'Most likely' (and I say that with caution!), they will continue through December.
    As time goes on though, the 'line' is raised for LOAs. It will be more and more competitive as more applicants enter the pool and as the LOA line is raised.

    I know it's hard not to get caught up in wanting a LOA, but it's the appointment that you want. Some LOAs don't turn into appointments b/c the conditions were not met (medical qual, nomination, passed CFA, file completion).

    I know of a candidate who had a LOA but didn't get the appointment until the end of April when a medical waiver was granted. Meanwhile, lots of non-LOAs were getting and accepting appointments!

    Also, remember that LOAs don't always go to the 'walk on water' candidate. Some do go to those but LOAs are also used to help WP fulfill their class composition goals of athletes, scholars, women, leaders, minorities etc. For ex. - I know of a candidate who received a LOA whose test scores were not stellar but he was state champion in his individual sport for 3 years as well as a leader ( team captain, president of school scholastic organization, class officer etc). .

    Keep your eye on the goal!
  3. shanicebrown12

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    Oct 31, 2010
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    Ive just received mine a day or two ago
  4. marciemi

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    I checked through my whole state and don't show any since the last "burst" in October. I think at this point they're probably only going out for candidates who are just completing their files, or for significant upgrades to a file.

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