Tribute to USAFA Class of 2013


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Feb 17, 2008
Here's a little something something from your fellow Class of 2013:


Story behind this rock:
We found this rock at the top of Eagle's Peak (one you're going to be very familiar with). We found it marked with the number 13, overlooking USAFA. I thought it might be appropriate for me to show this to you all. Enjoy.
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That is truly an amazing view. Any idea how it got there?
No idea. A little wierd to be honest since Class of 2013 haven't even come in yet.
Haha, let's just pretend it wasn't CS-13. I've got a feeling we'll be up there a few times to check it out.

Class of 2013 cadets in CS-13, now that would be cool :cool:
yep, if it was a 2013-er, it'd be grey... wouldnt it?

most likely some of my classmates in bulldawgs
hahahaha, i said grey deliberately. let's not start that discussion on here, too!
Regardless of who put it there, that is truly an amazing view.
I'd just like to point out that time is passing by at a crazy rate. 17 more days fellas, 17 more days.

Then we can pass the torch on to 2013 :wink:
Even i'll admit that is grey! Although IMHO, silver is a lot sweeter. But nonetheless, awesome photo!