Trying to Decide on an Academy...Please advise!

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by CMG8122, Aug 14, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,
    I am entering my senior year and I am trying to make a decision on which service academy to apply to. I know that it's already a little late in the game but I would appreciate some help because I really am lost here.
    All I know is that I want to serve in the military. It's not really important which branch I serve in as long as I can do my job well. Initially my goal was USNA. This is not realistic for me because I live in north jersey and the competition for that academy in particular is extremely fierce and I feel I cannot compete.
    I have thought of USMMA, but I see that the curriculum is not as extensive and they do not offer Chinese language courses (I am near fluent and wanted to minor in Mandarin).
    So my question is should I apply to the Air Force academy being I may have a better chance of getting in there since the schools draw from each congressional district and I will have less competition because it is far away and less people are interested. Second, is there a higher demand for Chinese speakers in one particular branch? I want to work in intelligence.

    Many, many, many thanks.
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    So many ????

    1. Do you understand how appointments and nominations work, especially when it comes to charging?
    ~ You are in the assume mode regarding it is easier, but most of us know what ASSUME case you don't it means make an A$$ out of U and Me.

    There are going to be candidates that will apply to multiple SAs, thus the idea that USAFA is easier is wrong impo. It also is wrong from the way charging works. Make the MOC slate, great, but if your WCS is not the top, than you will go to the national pool. NJ is no longer a player in the equation.

    2. You want to go Intel. Have you thought about life in the Navy or the AF upon commissioning? Are you ready to be at sea? Would you be happy to be stationed at Fairbanks, AK? How about Minot, ND?

    3. You can choose right now where you attend college (SA) and your major, but in a few short years they will choose where you live and your career field. Service before self.

    4. Are you applying for NROTC scholarship as plan B?
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    CM, one thing for sure, and it has been posted many times on this forum, is that if you don't apply your chance of getting an appointment is zero. If your goal is USNA, then you should go for it. It's nonsense to think of not applying because you don't think you will get accepted. You have no idea who your competition is, even though it may be fierce, but if you are competitive, then WHY NOT YOU??? You have nothing to lose by applying and everything by not. You don't have to make the decision to go right now, but you do have to get in gear and apply. Apply to all the SAs that you are interested in; apply for a nomination and then see where you land. You will have plenty of time to make a decision as well as do more research. So, get going girl; there is no sitting on the fence! :wiggle:
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    +1 to FalconsRock. Why limit yourself?

    I would also add you shouldn't pick the academy based on what's easier to get into,etc. Pick it based on where and how you want to serve. e.g. If you hate being aboard ship why would you apply Navy?
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    Good luck to you as you enter this process -- it can be pretty confusing if you are not from a family with a military background or from a school used to helping students navigate through the process of applying to a service academy.

    To echo what others have said, with perhaps a slightly different point of emphasis -- it is okay to apply to more than one SA, and many applicants apply to multiple service academies. For a potential applicant such as yourself who is willing and eager to serve as a commissioned officer, and has a skill (Chinese language) that could be valuable to more than one service, I think it is very reasonable to apply to more than one service academy. You won't know what nomination(s) you might get from a Member of Congress, but in my experience Members of Congress don't react negatively (and sometimes react positively) to an applicant who is flexible and not dead set only on attending one particular SA.

    It is hard to tell which SA is most selective -- often it goes by geographic area (USNA is very popular in the DC/MD/VA area, for example). But don't count yourself out. If you're interested in USNA, apply to USNA. But also apply to West Point (which is regarded as being a little bit more humanities friendly and perhaps your Chinese language skills would be seen as even more of a plus) and the USAFA also. With an interest in intelligence, probably the Coast Guard is not your service, and as you've said, it sounds like the course selections/majors at USMMA would knock it off the board for you.

    Again, good luck, and don't be afraid to ask questions here. You'll get a lot of good answers (along with an occasional lecture from your elders;)), and if you feel like you ask a "dumb" question, heck, it's an anonymous forum!

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