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    Really interesting question in Foreign Policy:
    Seems pretty obvious to me- combination of reaction to the sanctimonious anti-military humor of Vietnam critics in shows like MASH combined with the reality that most folks never serve in the military anymore so it is no longer a commonly shared experience. It is one thing to laugh at yourself- after all you shared in (or maybe caused)the absurdity, and you understand the stresses and demands that caused the goofiness, but it is quite a bit different to have others laughing at you. (Same dynamic in ethnic jokes- the insider gets to talk about himself and the goofiness associated with his tribe- but the outsider doen't get to tell the same jokes- suddenly they are not so funny.) His point is valid though IMHO.

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    VERY interesting article, and spot on in regards to most of its points.

    I do however feel it is missing one element on the reasons why most Americans feel very uncomfortable saying anything about the military except undying appreciation and praise, and it comes from some very vocal and sanctimonious attitudes from some who have served or are related to those who have served. Folks I like to call the "How DARE YOU" crowd, who are quick to jump on anyone or anything they see as dissrepectful to the military. Usually, it deals with their own OPINION on what is disrespectful, which leads to some vast disparities in interpretation. Rather than face the wrath and public shaming, most Americans would rather just put a Yellow Ribbon magnet on their car, and very vocally say how much they love the troops. Sure beats actually JOINING the miltiary for most of them...

    Oh, and I remember watching F-troop as a kid and LOVING that show. I wanted to be a part of the Heckowwee tribe..... :thumb:
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    Television has made a recent attempt at military humor with a show this year called "Enlisted"

    Whether the show is good or not isn't the issue, it's just nice to see that they put humor and the military together again.

    Don't forget Gomer Pyle USMC....I'm dating myself, and of course McHales Navy.
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    While MASH was undoubtedly anti-war (I use the film as a reference, as it is superior to the TV show), I don't know that it's "anti-military." Sure, Frank is a clown, but Hot-Lips, while the target of much abuse due to her "Regular Army" ways, is called a "damn good nurse" by Hawkeye in the film (despite being noted as a "pain in the a$$"). The military of Vietnam (which MASH was aimed, despite its Korean setting) was full of draftees. The 4077th represents that, but the unit also does awesome work under adverse circumstances. In that way, it celebrates the military as it was then constructed. But it most certainly condemns war. No question.

    Bob Altman hated the TV series, which I think is interesting. He was a USAAF crewman in WWII with a bunch of missions under his belt.

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