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Oct 22, 2016
My DS has completed his USNA application and is now working on his NROTC application. He received an email from the recruiter about 2 weeks ago to schedule his interview which he supplied several dates. As of yesterday he has not received any response to his emails or calls to the recruiter. He is getting very frustrated because he wants to get his application in front of the board. Final goal is to be a Nuclear Engineer on a sub.
If you haven't gotten a response after a couple weeks, call over to the Navy Recruiting District headquarters for the area you live in and ask to speak to either the NROTC Scholarship Coordinator (typically a PO1 or a Chief) or the Operations Officer for Officer Programs (typically a LT). Let them know you're unable to get a hold of your recruiter and are trying to schedule an officer interview. If no joy, call up your first choice NROTC unit and ask to schedule a Skype interview with them directly; a good unit will say yes, assuming you can provide the application, AFA, transcripts, etc. in advance for them to review.