Upcoming MS3 Branching/Accessions


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Nov 28, 2017
Hey guys, I have got some branching questions for you all. I am going into my MS3 year this year and have ultimately decided that I want to branch infantry. My question for you guys is the competitor ness level to get it? I’ve noticed the last two years that all the officers who commissioned infantry, in my unit, had gotten it as their first choice. I am involved in ROTC. Got a 3.4 GPA, 293 APFT score, invoked in color guard, Ranger challenge, Ranger club, ambassadors, Pershing rifles, and work part time.

My question to you guys is how competitive is it now to get infantry, let alone a combat arms job? If you have commissioned or know someone who commissioned, what was their experience like with getting their top choice?

Thanks all, I have talked to my cadre about it, but I get no direct answer


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May 7, 2010
Here's a link to a thread initiated by the estimable jcleppe on the FY 18 OML Model.


You can see that a number of different factors are weighed, with emphasis on GPA (through three years), PMS evaluation, your advanced camp performance and APFTs. The higher on the OML the better your chance of getting your branch choice. You should also track down the most recently available accessions branching model. Infantry is competitive.

You are competing for OML rank with thousands of other cadets. Work hard at what you can control and you will put yourself in a position to achieve your goal of Infantry.
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