Updating Transcripts For AROTC


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Oct 16, 2014
The first marking period for my high school ended right before our Christmas break and my grades were sufficient enough to bump my GPA up to this point up. I was wondering how to go about showing that on my application. It would move me to a 3.0 and that very well be the difference between a scholarship or not, just as it might be the difference between whether or not I get into the last two schools that I am waiting for a decision from. I had asked my school's college counselor, registrar, and academic dean if my transcript could be changed to include the grades from the first marking period, but they refused. They insisted that no other schools did so (despite the they provided one for my brother five years ago during his senior year). Instead, they wish to send my first marking period GPA to schools. This might work, but I don't know how I would go about showing this on my AROTC application. I've already been boarded so this and better standardized test scores are my only way of moving upwards on the OML.