Upgrade from 3yr AD

Animal 44

Jan 29, 2017
My son was awarded the AROTC 3yr AD scholarship. After the award was given he got his final ACT score and it was a 30. This is 4 points higher then the one they used for their award. Is there any way to appeal or request a review for the 4 year scholarship? I noticed a lot of the 2nd board 3 year winners got upgraded to 4 years on the last board.

I've also heard a lot about a 3.5 yr how does he compete for this?

Thank you for any info.
There is no real way to make an appeal for a scholarship upgrade through the national scholarship system. At this point he could let the ROO where he accepted the scholarship know of his new scores but my guess is at this point it is going to be up to the Battalion to decide on any upgrades to scholarships.

The best thing your son can do is show up to day one in good shape, pass the APFT with a good score the first time and do well in school so he has impressive midterm grades, also be involved in ROTC and do well. These are the things the Battalion will look at when considering scholarship upgrades if they have any to give.
I agree with Jcleppe.

Two years ago, my DS received an upgrade to his 3 year AD by maxing his APFT, and getting good first semester grades. It is totally driven by your local Battalion cadre and the budget they receive from Cadet Command.
Agree with what has been stated above. I came in with a 3 yr AD. Was magically told one day I got upgrade to 3.5 years. I didn't do any paperwork/apply for that additional semester's worth of scholarship money. Was just told - congrats, you now have a 3.5 year scholarship.
DS was upgraded from a 3 year AD to a 4 year four weeks into freshman year. He was all in physically, mentally and academically. While never in the very top of any of these catagories, always a hard charging worker and he showed up ready to go. I think his passion, with the lucky combination of available funds, triggered the upgrade.
My DD also was told about 4 weeks in as a freshman she was upgraded to a 3.5 year, that was a school in the 8th brigade. I will caution however, that a lot of the upgrades you hear about are from schools from the same few brigades. Other brigades use extra funds to add new scholarships not to upgrade kids already awarded. I know all three schools my daughter visited in the 8th brigade told her an upgrade was possible if she came in fit and participated fully. Her original first choice school was in the 5th brigade and they said an upgrade isn't gonna happen, hasn't happened in several years in the brigade. A few ROO's on this site in the 2nd brigade have also said they have not seen those in a few years, however there have been reports of kids not selected for a national scholarship getting offered one school based from the 2nd brigade schools spring of senior year. In some schools there just might be nothing that can be done, in other schools it could be likely. Him showing up really eager and ready to go is the best he can do either way! Good luck!
My son's SMC had 53 3 yr AD freshman. 10 were put in for upgrades, 9 actually were upgraded.
The 10th was my son whose waiver was still pending and as such did not get the upgrade.
His waiver came in shortly after his upgrade was denied.