USAFA Application Credentials


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Nov 1, 2017
Activities, Accomplishments, and Achievements:

  • Education:

    • Cumulative GPA=4.54

    • Unweighted GPA=3.86

    • Rank= 9 of 358 (top 2.6%)

    • Recipient of Honor Roll every semester of highschool

    • 4 time Northern Big 10 Math Competition participant
  • Athletics:

    • Freshman:

      • Soccer (JV)

      • Basketball

      • Baseball
    • Sophmore:

      • Soccer (Varsity)

      • Baseball
    • Junior:

      • Soccer (Varsity Captain)

      • Track/Field
  • Clubs:

    • DoChange Mentoring Program (3 years)

    • Student Council (3 years)

    • Key Club (2 years)

    • Robotics Club (2 years)

    • Superfan Club(4 years)
  • Community Service:

    • Annually participate in Red Stocking

    • Working on fundraising to create a new park

    • Several food shelter community service
  • Occupation:

    • Local lawn care

      I am currently a junior and will be applying to the Air Force Academy in the spring and also Summer Seminar this Winter. I do not come from a military family but am set on a career in the Air Force. I will be striving for leadership positions in all my clubs and sports. I was captain of my soccer team this past season and will resume the position next fall. I've taken a PSAT but have not received a score. I've also taken the most rigorous honors and A.P. curriculum course I am able to. What should I be doing to prepare for the application process and how am I looking so far?
search "Chance me" for more info.
Compare your stats as Wishful suggests in the "Chance Me" section. Much will depend on your location (Northern VA vs. rural Maine vs anywhere in TX vs northern Idaha... you get it), your gender, etc. It's good you've taken the most rigorous courseload.

Why did you give up baseball?

Fencersmother's advice: pay strict attention to ALL DEADLINES. It's important.
Why did you give up baseball?

I stopped playing baseball after my sophomore year because I really wasn't getting much playing time (about six innings a week). It's not that I think I should have been playing more, because our high school team is very talented, but rather I didn't think it was a productive way to spend my time. I am male and live in central Illinois. Is there anything you might know about this region?