USAFA Cadidates Activites Record


Sep 5, 2017
Due to being in a small school there has not been many advanced classes offered, but I have done the everything the get the most out of my education and challenging myself where ever I can. Should I state that before I list my academic accomplishments in the portal?
Recommend you call Admissions; I believe they can help with your situation, Good luck!
My two cents - I would recommend against stating a "disclaimer" at the top of your activities record. Your counselor will submit a school profile that will demonstrate to the Academy what classes/activities were available to you. If you really feel like it was a hindrance or like you really overcame some challenges due to being in a small school, write about it in an essay. Just know that a lot of candidates come from small schools or are homeschooled and were also limited in their opportunities. In other words, make sure it's really something worth writing about.
Hardly anyone has a smaller school than homeschoolers and they do just fine with admissions. Did you take the most challenging coursework available to you? If possible, did you take some community college classes (or regular 4 year college)?

A high school student, whether in brick & mortar school or a homeschooler has just so many opportunities open to him/her. Kids in tiny private schools may not have the AP/IB program available and the SA's know that. A homeschooler may not have any chance to get to a college because of distance, time, or money, but if he has the internet in his home, there is a lot he can do.

The SA's want to see perseverance, inquisitiveness, leadership, determination, and pushing through attitude when faced with adversity.