Feb 20, 2017
Hi all! I'm visiting the Air Force academy on Wednesday to get a sense of what the academy is like before I apply. What are the best things to visit/see on the campus and in Colorado Springs?
Try to get a tour of the cadet area/dorms (sometimes admissions can set this up, sometimes a cadet with some free time on here will offer to show you around). I'd also checkout the gym since you'll likely spend lots of time there. And if you want a stellar view and a challenge go climb eagles peak (might be a bit icy right now, but if you make it up it is sooooo worth it). I wouldn't worry about checking out the area too much, you won't have too many chances to enjoy it till your a junior
Contact admissions to try and get a tour of the cadet area. On top of that just head to the visitors center and they can point you in the right direction. As said, if you can pull it off definitely do the Eagle's peak climb. Beautiful view from up there
Thanks Hodge and USAFA10s for the advice! I contacted the academy 2 weeks ago and asked about a tour/meeting with admissions since I'm from out of state and haven't heard back, but it couldn't hurt to send another email. Hopefully the weather continues to be warm and sunny, so we can do the hike!