1. D

    Recruited athlete- Official Visit Question

    I’m taking an official visit very very soon. Does anyone has any insight on what usually happens during one of these? Will I receive an offer at the end like what happens on other official visits? For context my application is 100% finished and I’m officially medically qualified. I only need a...
  2. G

    Can a visit to USMMA help boost my chances of admission/receiving an appointment?

    I am wondering if it is beneficial to my application if I can go visit now (and demonstrate showing an interest), or should I sit tight (and not miss school and take an expensive trip) and let the process play out. Thanks for any thoughts or advice!
  3. P

    Request a Tour update on my portal?

    Hello Service Academy Forum. As we approach appointment season, everyone seems to be very anxious/stressed out (I definitely am:oops:). With that in mind thanks y'all so much with insight information to keep me sane. :angel: I can't thank this forum enough. My question: I've recently received a...
  4. XCpanda

    Visiting My Cadet

    Hi! I am planning a trip to USAFA the weekend after parents weekend to visit my brother at the academy! What are the regulations on this? I have no background knowledge on how the visits work. It will be his freshman year (He is in BCT currently). Am I able to spend a couple of hours with him...
  5. L

    USAFA Visit

    Hi all! I'm visiting the Air Force academy on Wednesday to get a sense of what the academy is like before I apply. What are the best things to visit/see on the campus and in Colorado Springs?