Usmma 2 - uscga 0


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Jun 9, 2006
Looks like KP had a good day against the Bears from Coast Guard Academy today. KP won in soccer 6-2 and beat them in football fairly handily as well. I hope this is a good sign for KP athletics this year. USMMA has not lost to CGA in soccer since 1999 (sorry to say I was part of the team in that loss :frown: )
:sadwavey: Correction, the Supe's Trophy standings are 2-1.

CGA Volleyball swept KP 3-0 yesterday.
I stand corrected. Thank you for the update Luigi, I had forgotten that volleyball played as well.
Picture 12 clearly shows "holding" (not called) against the Mariners. :wink:

J/K, great pics. :thumb:
Give it up Luigi, ha ha.:shake:

Dude that's the "up and under" technique every O-line coach in America teaches.
Uh oh is that Steve in photo 23? HA HA. Great pics JM...when I grow up I want a camera just like yours. You should go into sports photography. I could hook you up with a job in five minutes.:smile:
LOL The camera I used wasn't great. Just a simple kodak easyshare with 75X zoom. I normally use a cannon but its so big & bulky with so much gear, its hard to travel light with it. The shutter speed of small digital cameras suck sometimes. I struggled with the thing for the sports shots. Btw, I was a photojournalist for 12 years after my paper discovered my photography skills were far superior to my writing skills. I thought I was an awesome writer! Apparently not. :biggrin:

I missed a bunch of good shots. #1 was that I couldn't get up high in the stands quick enough to get the entire field while both academies were formed up. Then the second was when I finally got in the stands, I was too busy yacking to some Mids that I almost missed shots #23 & 24 where crazy CG man ran down in front of me with the CG flag. I heard a roar and by the time I realized what was going on, it was over. NUTS! But at least that how I found Boss's son.

I've still got some video to post on youtube. Will get to it soon as I unload all the KP t-shirts outta the suitcase.
Jamzmom - loved the pics, can't wait for the video!
Nice video, thanks!

I'll be in New London this week for Parent's weekend and football vs Plymouth State, and for all the other home football games, and I hope to make it to the next two at KP.

Yes, three of the four Secretaries' Cup games for the class of 2012 will be at KP.

Sept 13 2008 - at KP
Sept 12 2009 - at KP
Sept 11 2010 - at USCGA (This one will be special considering the date)
Sept 10 2011 - at KP
You snuck up there on me buddy while I was busy talking like a pirate. I might be ok with the photos but WOW the videos are almost too dizzy to watch. I shoulda paid more attention in class to how one does that. Hope to do better next time by tryin' to sit down & be still with the camera. :rolleyes:
Is that you JamzMom...I thought that was a parrot on my shoulder....haha ARRRRRRRRRRR:eek: