USMMA at the inauguration parade

Awesome!! Thanks.. I missed it on TV
What uniform is that? kinda looks like a Marine uniform but different?

He didnt salute them either ?? (his advisor needs to be fired)
I've heard them called many things. "Choker Blacks" is the name I know them by but not sure if thats the official name. Band and drill team members wear them most often. They are truly one sharp uni. I've seen the black top worn with white pants at events as well.

Pretty sharp overhead shot. Thanks TX2KP!! I put your link up on Facebook for some Mids to check out. Many thanks to you.
He did Salute them. They looked Great.!!!!!!!!

Yes I watched for the salute and this footage didnt show it but he did hold a salute. My son was holding the USA flag and I was wanting a better video. I have another video coming and I will post it if it looks good. One thing I noticed is CNN had one view ABC another. It really depends on which camera.:smile::smile::smile: