USMMA Class of 2023 Group Chat


Apr 15, 2016
Does anyone know of a group chat for the USMMA class of 2023? Some of the other academies have group chats and I was wondering if there's one for the USMMA.
Yes there is one and the moderators will reach out to the candidate. They use fb. Best of luck!
Is that a phone group chat or Facebook messenger? Just curious- my DS only has a flip phone. [emoji3]
It’s a fb group so best to establish an account if he doesn’t have one. Messenger will be frequently used while at KP.
My DD did not have Facebook prior to attending Kings Point. (My philosophy is that social media and high school do not mix well.) Your DS will need to be on FB at Kings Point, and you will want it also. We have found that the best way to stay in touch with our DD is through FB messenger.
Facebook is a must for anyone going to KP. Facebook is allowed on the computer, hence, the only way to communicate. :)
And, we use messenger all the time, and can communicate with messenger when he is at sea, if there is wifi, and video call as well is the strength is enough.
Parents, there is a Facebook Page for parents of candidates who have Accepted their Appointment to USMMA.
It is USMMA Class of 2023-KP Official.
Make sure to answer all questions for your request to be approved.
Most of who?

All of the USMMA groups are through FB. You'll want to have it because that is where hundreds of photos will be posted during INDOC and later.
And FB is allowed on the computer. As a fyi because the computer is allowed on the KP system, the computer programs allowed are limited
I think @KPButterflyer meant class of 2023 bound candidates, not the parents. FB is not the only communication channel nowadays generation is using. Besides FB is Skype also one the list of approved applications on the KP system?
Ok, my DS can get a Facebook account. Is it enough to just check it on his laptop?
He only has a flip phone and isn't excited about upgrading to a smart phone if he doesn't have to.
Yes. Laptop FB is fine. In most places on campus, phone service is difficult, but FB on laptop connected to the academy server is very reliable. First thing my DD does in the morning is to check FB to see if there are any messages from her company, her section, or her sport, and then I get a quick message if I'm lucky.