USMMA Dad from Kansas


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Jul 15, 2008
Hello, I'm new to the forum, wish I'd have found it earlier in the whole process but am glad to be here now. Dropped our oldest son off at the USMMA in Kings Point last Thursday and am now anxiously awaiting some type of coorespondance from him reassuring us that it was the best darn decision of his young life! :thumb: And then maybe his mother will stop blaming me for leaving him there. :smile:
Looking forward to many visits to the forum and having a common thread with other academy parents.
Welcome fellow KP parent! No worries.... Mom will back up when she sees that kid in his whites for the first time. Hope your letter comes soon. And this Sunday when the phone call comes, you'll be elated. They are working so hard right now along with a few moments of fun as you can probably tell from the photos. They are in the best of hands! No matter how much they eat, they're still starving. Big calorie burns takin' place. :biggrin: Hang tough!
Greetings from a fellow Kansan

How is your son enjoying KP? My son just got his nomination letter this week and is excited about his upcoming visit and interview at the endor of the month.

A question for you... I am trying to figure out how many kids have nominations for the Class of 2013 and how many spots Kansas has at KP. I surfed around a bit and found a 2006 government document that said Kansas has three openings each year and that the nominees from the state's two Senators and 4 U.S. Congressman compete for these spots. Does this sound right?
Kansas is allocated three per incoming class...although it is my understandnig if other states do not fill their billets, the academy could draw more highly qualified candidates from Kansas.

My son (from the Wichita) area is a principal candidate for the class of 2013 and he has accepted the appointment. That leaves two...perhpas. He received a nomination from Senator Roberts and Representative Tiahrt.

The only press release I have seen on nominations so far is out of Senator Robert's office and he nominated a handful to USMMA.

Best of Luck!